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Unclemike's Corner
I changed the game queue for Magic (team) games to now consist of 4 teams of 3 players each (was teams of 2 players). Please clear your browser cache to pick up the latest version.
Ice Age Now Available
  • Winter season is always present throughout the entire game (the entire map experiences winter).
  • The Ice Age option may be applied on any map (including Centauria).
  • Terrain movement costs are x1.5 x1.25 current value (turn 0 kingdom setups will display an additional Ice Age column rate).
  • All water areas will be completely frozen over. No ships may move which will nullify merchant trading, sea patrols, and troop transport. All groups may move on frozen water as if on land (use order #720/725). Teleport spells will be allowed to land on frozen water areas. Groups with flying artifacts (Pegasus, Red Bats, Green Dragons) will be allowed to land on frozen water.
  • Dragons may land on frozen water so they may attack pc's or investigate encounters which was previously denied them.
  • Group vs group combat on frozen water areas will be fought as a normal land battle (fleets are not involved).
  • Groups may intercept and pursue other groups over frozen water.
  • Fire-oriented spells have x1.5 damage (before spell density) during Ice Age epochs. This will boost the effects of the following spells: Firestrike, Wall of Flame, Meteor Strike (pc damage spell), Avenging Angel (divine fire aspect of this priestess spell). So a pwr-2 Firestrike would do 2,100 damage rather than 1,400 (before spell density and other effects).
  • The banned list of spells during an Ice Age are: Summon Kraken (#659), Storm At Sea (#660), Dispel Storm At Sea (#661), Ship of Mist (#708).
  • The banned list of orders during an Ice Age are: Sea Patrol (#705), Sea Group Moves (#710/715), Sea Trade Mission (#711), Increase Seapower (#748), Create Elite Ship (#749), Sabotage Seapower (#935).
  • For Early Strategic Objectives, if you select the objective D4 (total 7+ fleets in each of 2+ seas) you will not be able to achieve your ESO in the game. 
  • Scrap seapower (order #245) is still permitted since some kingdoms were designed to be balanced with other kingdoms regarding number/quality of fleets as a factor (though their purpose during an Ice Age will be only to scrap for the extra gold).
  • Phoenix brigades (fire creatures that only the Black/Red Dragon kingdoms may summon) are able to heal 10% attrition (normally 5%).
  • Due to the inclement weather, all figure movements (emissary, agent, priestess) ranges are reduced by 2. So if your kingdom can move an agent 8 areas, that gets reduced to 6 areas. This movement penalty does NOT apply for artifacts that affect figure movement (e.g., Onyx Amulet, Red Elk Mount).
  • All kingdoms will receive an extra 25,000 food on turn 0 as the liege releases his last reserves for the upcoming deep winter.
  • Special kingdom locations (Druid's Grove, Dragon's Lair, etc.) are magical places that are not affected by the harsh winter conditions (full production).
Please clear your browser cache to load the latest version (see attachments on how to clear Google Chrome cache).

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New Release With Enhanced Features

Map Snapshot had some tweaks:
  • If you successfully completed an encounter, the map area will show the No PC/No Encounter symbols (indicating that the area was explored)
  • If you destroy a pc (pillage/meteor spell), the map area will show the No PC/No Encounter symbols
  • Major cities and known pc's on the map will always display their current owner and fortifications (no recon is necessary). The reason for this is that a change in ownership would have been conveyed across the realm by various travelers, trade caravans, paid informants, etc. A recon is still necessary however to identify emissary/agent/group at the area as well as pc defensive value.
  • Overlaying lines that represent when your kingdom has control of the region are now fainter to see the background better (clear your browser cache to pick up the new version for your maps)
  • Map hover function now has a slight delay before displaying the tooltip info (to help some navigate around the map without the clutter of panels popping up)
  • [Not Yet Implemented] Custom notes will carry forward onto subsequent turns so if you make a note on the map, it'll remain there for the rest of the game until deleted.
Kingdom Turn Report will now have two new sections: Universal Events and Regional Events.

Universal events will contain important messages for all kingdoms:
  • A ruler who has been assassinated, captured, kidnapped, or killed
  • A warlord emerges from battle
  • A wizard who reached pwr-7 or higher from magical studies
  • An undead figure (nazgul, wraith, lich) manifests or is killed
  • When a major city changes control from one kingdom to another
  • Ally/enemy declarations
  • Gain/lose control of a region
  • Trading above the 15,000 limit
  • [Maelstrom] A dragon, giant, or level 2,3 hero is killed
  • [Maelstrom] The emergence of a goddess
  • etc.
Regional events will contain region-specific messages:
  • If your kingdom has Minor or greater influence in the region, certain battle reports will be presented (if either force is army sized or if both forces are division sized or greater)
  • Raising/lowering regional reactions
  • [Maelstrom] A castle or greater is constructed by a kingdom
  • [Maelstrom] Any class 3 or higher pc improvement is constructed
  • etc.
When Rick moved his email service back to Rackspace from using GoDaddy, the system started working again. So, as of last night, the Alamaze system should be back as normal. There are still some internal issues to resolve like receiving emails whenever a player drops from a game or when a new account is created and others like that but we should be back to normal now. I guess the morale of the story here is that GoDaddy is junk, use Rackspace. Have fun all! Going back to my hibernation...

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