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Newbie Questions
Another question

Say my agent can move 10 spaces but the target is 11 away. Will I be able to reach the target, or do they have to be within the 10 space range?

This says must be within 5 areas of the targeted group.


Similar to Order #940, except the target is a group figure, not an emissary. The group must be within the agent's range in
order to have an opportunity of succeeding, but the exact location of the group need not be known (See NOTE below).
The target area (Column “E”) must be within 5 areas of the targeted group. Assassination of group figures is slightly more
difficult than that of emissaries due to the security of a military organization. NOTE: This order will not be allowed on
turn #1 and a kingdom may never attempt an assassination on a member of his group.
You choose a square to assassinate someone. That someone has to be within 5 squares of where you choose. He ALSO has to be within range of your agent (in this case 10 squares).
It means your target must be within 10 squares, but in case the target moves before your order occurs, you have the option of placing your order at a square and it will be attempted if your target is within 5 squares radius of that square. It still must not be more than 10 squares from your agents pc.

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