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Newbie Questions
(05-21-2019, 12:50 PM)Draugr Wrote: Stone of all minds found in the early game is a game changer

But my favorite anytime artifact is like crystal of seeing.   I generally scout 3 PCs a turn until I find three capitals then I create a standing order to watch those capitals.  See what a king is doing without the potential enemy knowing can be very useful.

I prefer staff of distain over staff of the orator.

For starting foreknowledge items,   In maelstrom the Plow the AN starts with may actually be to OP for any kingdom let alone to start the game.  In the last game I played the AN it ended on t25 I had 5 legendary castles and could have had 6 but the RD took one.   I believe only 1 or2 others even existed among all the other kingdoms.

I have already had a Maselsrtom game where I had 2 Crystals.  It's pretty cool what you can see for 2 FREE orders!
When using an artifact that effects others negatively, will the game show who did it?

Say for example the staff of disdane.
Yes, it will tell them who denigrated them.

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