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Newbie Questions
Thanks, Rick. One of my hurdles has been getting over my Fall of Rome - based assumptions Smile

So based on this, the only way that I would know the name of the emissary the turn that he relocates to the PC would be if I did a recon of the PC that turn, or through magic?
Possible 30 orders in Maelstrom??? Wow!!! In Resurgence, some days I feel like I could use that many and then others...not so much.
Order availability has always been something like the third resource in Alamaze.  So while, not trying to end that, with the expansion of available orders especially with an eye to economic development, but also recon, etc., and in a longer game, I think allowing 30 orders per turn is yet another strategic distinctive.  How often have you not issued an important recon because you didn't have the order?  Now with more orders potentially available (though you have to work to get them), you can make an attack abroad and still have reasonable defense of your homeland.

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