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New Forum Theme
I'm still trying to get the kinks worked out, in the aftermath of the forum software upgrade. I have moved this forum section to the top of the forum index list, temporarily, to try and help ensure that site users and Alamaze players are kept in the loop on the recent problems/changes. After a few days, I'll move this section back down to the bottom of the forum index, where it will be out of the way.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Separate from that, I have installed a new theme for the forum, to give the place a fresh look. If consensus runs against it, or if Rick just plain doesn't like it, then we can change it. Typically, when I would upgrade the forum software, I would then overwrite the new forum images that each update foisted upon us, so that the previous look would remain intact. But, it appears that the forum software folk have changed the way that various things work, so there's a new learning curve for me to tackle.

Again, thank you for your patience, and feel free to provide any feedback, be it positive, negative, or just suggestions.


- Charles -
Much easier on the eyes! Nice upgrade Smile
I played when it cost .22 cents to mail my turn to NC.
Avid forum reader, I have read it all.
Trying to adjust the look of the forum, to accommodate Rick's concerns. Editing forum themes isn't my strong suite, but I am open to suggestions on how to make the forum better for those using it.

I am willing to toss the theme that I am editing, to try and make it work. I'm not sure what color scheme best suits the most people. What does everyone prefer? Darker or lighter colors?
Rick's concerns expressed to me on the new forum look are these:

Quote:I think the oldtimers on our forum need more contrast than blue on black, and I know from some other things I have done, having white font creates problems trying to copy to other medium.   Also, we have lots of posters that constantly quote, they just don’t know to hit the “New Reply” instead of reply, so in the current look, everything reposted stands out, and everything new is kind of obscure.

There are reasons why newspapers tend to be dominated by black text on white backgrounds - because that color combination yields good visual contrast. Increasing the size of text can make it easier to read, and consequently, easier on the eyes, also.

A lot of gaming-related forums tend to be dominated by dark color schemes. It can be aesthetically pleasing, but it isn't always easier on the eyes. Yet, light color schemes often come in for criticism as being dull or boring to look at.

It might be quicker to just dump this theme, and start off with something fresh.

I would just like to get some feedback from site users. Knowing what you hate, makes it easier and quicker to change, and knowing what you like makes it easier for me to know what you want preserved.

Thanks for your feedback!
As per Rick's request, I have reverted the site back to the previous forum theme.
Forum section moved back to the bottom of the forum index list.
My thanks to Grimfinger investing his time to update the forum version. 

Grim is the editor behind Suspense and Decision Magazine ( and has helped us for many years and was the one who established this forum.  Visit the magazine and the related forum, and consider writing an article, please.
Typically, I update your forum, here, when I update my forum - provided that I think of it. This time, even though the script installed which does updates for your forum typically does updates with no problems emanating from such attempts, this time a problem popped up. Actually, I got someone else to fix the actual problem on your forum. It's one of the MyBB staff members, in fact, who is on the staff of the team who creates and updates the software that you use for your forum, here.
Rick has informed me of a couple of issues that have popped up.

One is with people new to the forum trying to register as new forum members, only to encounter an SQL error. I have messaged the guy that fixed the other SQL issue, so he will likely fix that problem, after he next logs online and checks his messages.

The other problem dealt with one screen yielding a color problem. Hopefully, I have that particular problem already fixed, now.

Sorry for any and all inconvenience. I only got Rick's messages a short while ago, though.

Anytime that you encounter an SQL error, in particular, let us know.

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