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Surrendered Kingdom vs Removed Kingdom
In the past I've gotten messages about kingdoms having surrendered and no longer being part of the fight.

I never got it confirmed, but my understanding is that these kingdoms were eliminated by other players, and this did not indicate a drop sine drops went unreported in the turn results.

This game I just got a message about a kingdom whose leader removed them and will not be issuing orders? Is this a rewording of the previous surrender language or does it show something else is happening? I remember we talked in the past about possibly notifying for drops in the turn reports. Is this happening now?
It's impossible to completely eliminate a player. Even if all their pop centers are gone, they will be living out of a camp and can still play. I actually had this happen to one position in a team game. If somebody is hors de combat, it's because the player has chosen to throw in the towel.
It's a manual process for the GM to flag a position as inactive in any given game. I do this with notifications of drops from games, but as a manual process there may be some margin of error. If a player doesn't send a notice the policy is 2+ missed turns makes the position inactive. This again is manual tracking/flagging and not as closely watched as the formal drop notices.

There was an earlier conversation about notification of drops, this is the only mechanism for reporting inactive status.

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