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Order 350 To Move King
Seems to me that there's a flaw in the code. In a game, I accidentally entered my king's name in an order 350 (the next order was 480 and I'm sleep deprived Cool). Anyway, instead of getting a bad order, my king up and moved the court to the different location. If order 350 can move the king, what is the point of order 355? Shouldn't 350 give an error message if you put the king's name?
Yes, it should. I'll review. In the future, please report bugs to
Oh, thanks! I didn't really expect you to fix it, I was just reporting it for future reference. But thanks - that's a big help to me.
The code has been updated. King/Queen/Regent attempting a 350 order will provide a message and count as an action for the ruler, but not incur any resource cost.

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