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The Status of captured emissaries

If you ever used your prince in my oakendell town, you wouldnt have those issues... and I think that your Duke just finished his daily water/bread ration. Did you want him back?
Nah, let him have the water and bread for a while. It'll build character.
If a kingdom holds enemy prisoners at it's capital and a 3rd kingdom that is neutral to the prisoners takes that capital what happens to the prisoners?

Do they belong to the attacking kingdom now and are taken to the 3rd kingdom's capital? Or do they go free?

Does anything change if the attacking kingdom and the prisoners kingdom are Allies? Enemies?
Pretty sure attacking king gets all prisoners
Correct. Attacking king gets all prisoners, and will want to be careful with any 430 orders so he doesn't whack any allied emissaries. Like Troll governors.
-The Deliverer
Even allied prisoners?
Yes. Even allied ones.
-The Deliverer

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