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Game Processing News
Game 100 has been run and emailed, due date for turn 12 orders is 10pm eastern US, Thursday May 16
Game 103 has been processed and results emailed. Due date 5/16, 10pm eastern US for turn 8
Game 10 results have been run and emailed, due date for turn 6 orders is Thursday, 5/16 by 10pm Eastern US

No game processing will occur the week of May 20, 2013. The GMs time is going to be taken up with graduation events around his wife (law school) and son (high school), with parents and in-laws in town/house.

Turns that would have processed on 5/20 will process on 5/27. Those that would have been due 5/23 will be due 5/30.

Enjoy your extra time to scheme and plot...

Game 105 Setups and Results 0 have been created and emailed.
Orders for turn 1 are due Monday, May 27 by 2:00pm Eastern US
I've seen fewer order sets in for tomorrow's processing than is usually the case 36 hours out from the game being run.

Just want to be sure that everyone understands turns will be processed tomorrow night, all due dates on exsiting results sets should be accurate.

You can also check the Forum calendar for processing schedule info, but go with turn results or a more recent posting over the calendar entries.

All games with due dates of 5/16 have completed processing and the email queue is just about empty.
Game 10, turn 6
Game 100, turn 12
Game 101, turn 12
Game 102, turn 10 - All ESOs have been awarded
Game 103, turn 8

Orders for all of the next turns in these games will be due by 2:00pm Eastern US on Monday, May 27.

Game 104 Setups and results 0 sets have been created and emailed. Orders for Turn 1 will be due at 2:00pm Eastern US on Monday, May 27.
The transfer of game processing to a new central server to facilitate multiple GMs requires additional work on the configuration files and running the turns is taking longer than on my computers.
This process is ongoing, and I will email turns for games as soon as possible. They will be out today, sorry for the delay.

Games 100, 101, 102 & 103 are completed and emailed.
Work progresses on the remaining 4 games...

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