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Alamaze Game #103 - Open Sign Up
I think already having 40 or so players out the gate is great!
I'll take the Demon Princes for game 103.
Count me in for the Sorcerers.
Silent One
Looks like this one will fill pretty soon. I think as soon as my Quest for Fire idea is incorporated into this site we will get another 50 or so players!
Here's my screen shot:

[Image: n5n035.jpg]

I win the Quest for Fire.
(04-08-2013, 10:13 AM)Ry Vor Wrote:
(04-08-2013, 12:21 AM)Jumbie Wrote: Just sent my payment. Not getting more than 5 sign ups for this so far?

Game #103 is now open to Established players. I wanted #102 to fill before opening it up.

Again, we haven't made any effort to attract new players, as we have only run one turn (with excellent results) at this point. The first two games just started a week ago. I know to the players it seems time is passing very slowly but your humble EAE staff are paddling furiously under the surface on many matters. Letting the world know about Alamaze will be on the horizon soon.

I would like to sign up for 103. I would like to play the WI.
I'll take the Stone Giants .
Reservations for Game #103 as of April 10:

EL - Loric
BL - Gaius Julius Caesar
DW - Yellowbeard
RA - Jumbie
DE - The Wise One
SO - The Silent One
WI - Greyhawk
GI - Wulfgar Skullsplitter
Greetings all! My name is Bob (yellowbeard in game) and I played Alamaze back in the good ol' days. Looking forward to this game and working with everyone.

I will be the Dwarf in this game and can be reached at
The Stone Giants (me) can be reached at

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