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Issue #16
“Alamaze is one of the finest games on the market today. It is fast paced and very exciting. The system allows players to role-play their kingdoms as they so desire, a rare commodity. It is full of all the action, intrigue, and double-dealing that any player could ask for.”

“Combat is one of the many areas in which Alamaze really excels.”

Issue #38
“The incredible number of possible interactions and orders means that there is no perfect strategy in Alamaze. There’s always more than one way to win, and there is no 'ultimate weapon' . This prevents Alamaze from going stale, and allows enjoyable participation in repeated games. I also find that the people who play Alamaze are, by and large, both friendly and courteous, traits shared by the moderators, who are also helpful and fair. In over ten years of multi-player gaming, I can honestly state that Alamaze is the most enjoyable game that I have played, and give it my highest recommendation.”

Issue #43
“In Alamaze, virtually every line of information a player gets is significant. Valuable information can be gleaned from descriptive phrases in a battle report, or in a status report from an emissary waiting for further orders in a foreign town. It is the quintessential fantasy wargame, with varied position types, and noted for its rich, lengthy action reports. An area in which the game truly excels is facing the myriad of possible strategies and tactics, and choosing these leading to the anticipation of receiving your next turn to see how your plans have worked.”

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