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MMXXII - Introduction

This will be a forum to reveal and discuss intended design changes for Alamaze in 2022, Maelstrom MMXXII.

A primary thrust is an expanded and refined Cultural Trait model: useful for expanding strategic options; further rationalizing kingdom setups to make clearer the nature of a kingdom; and achieve refined kingdom balancing.

Spell lists will be redone with more specialization, especially among mage kingdoms.

Kingdom adjustments apart from traits, and potentially several new kingdoms. The main goal is that every kingdom is a desirable play given the player's mood and that no kingdoms are clear favorites or red-haired stepchildren.

Setup changes to provide improved balance to distribution of PC's and Unusual Sightings, and some Regional Character adjustments.

Adjustments to order sequence, for example, Dispel Magic will be before Summon Death and Wind Storm in sequence.

Many others (a dozen other categories) that will be discussed.

This forum serves as an invitation to learn what is planned and discuss mainly from a strategic level the ideas presented here.
Maybe the Gnome will finally get his own 'strange brand of magic'. Big Grin
Even though it's past the holidays, I'm still working on this update for the game. I won't be able to do everything since some are major rewrites but I'll try to get as much done as possible. I'll get back to everyone when the update is ready to go into effect but it won't be for a while yet...

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