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Game 5560
DU - All   The peace loving Druids continue to enjoy good harvest and offer food for sale at 2 food for 1 gold on orders of 50k food.  For orders of 100k the rate is 45 gold.

No trees were harmed to produce this message.
HA-CI thank you for contributing to my artifact collection. It's not to late to withdraw and apologize. When you fail to take my city, it will be a downward spiral for you.
DU - all   Is anyone hungry?  This months special is sweet pie pumpkins but for the carnivores we have gobs of gophers.  The little rodents are ruining our fields with all those holes.

We can fill all of your food needs up to 100k.  50k for 25k gold, 100k for 45k, same as last turn.

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