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5490 No Humans
Victory By Rex Is The Red Dragon Kingdom!

                            Game End Status Points

         Place Kingdom    Player                Results-15  Grand Total

           1     RD     Pine Needle               25,200      30,000
           2     HA     The Wise One            18,455      21,504
           3     DE     Senior Tactician          14,756     18,251
           4     AN     Wookie Panz              10,056      13,035
           5     TY     uncledarkseid              8,930       12,821
           6     NE     Vball Michael               9,424       12,034
           7     DA     Brek                           8,477       10,826
           8     EL      Windstar                     7,391        9,928
           9     DW    Flevis                          6,600        9,300
          10    GN     Diamond Cutter            6,181        9,191
          11    LI       Drogo                         5,830        8,346
Halfling here. Victory for the Red Dragon was quick (turn 15).

My kingdom was on the other side of the map so no interaction but I tangled with the Gnome and Dark Elf.

The Gnome was a greedy little bastard though.

I was reconning his capital every turn (just to see how high his production would go) and his single pc was making like 2-3 times my entire region of Krynn! So I thought I would try to get on his good side in this game but then the greedy little bastard took my town on turn 12 which he didn't need. Such audacity!

So I decided to use my agents against him and was fairly successful in grabbing his guys. At the same time that I was doing this, the DA (Brekk) moved his forces into GN's region which worked out well for me because it as a nice diversion.

On turn 14, I noticed the RD gained two regions which brought it to four for him so I knew he would end the game the following turn. With that, I made a move against DA and kidnapped a bunch of guys for more points. In the end, I captured 20 guys between the GN and DA. A nice haul!

I had to raise my influence to 25 since I was doing something like 10 sleeps and 10 kidnaps which used up all of my orders! That Crystal of Seeing and two Palantirs helped alot with reconning...

See the attachment of my last turn as the HA (I had to reduce the file size for the forum limit of 100 KB)...

Attached Files
.html   HA5490R15.html (Size: 78.82 KB / Downloads: 6)
Hm, made the cut.  Well... made most of my status from elite brigades, was headed to stormgate to stop the win, but there was a big ocean in the way and my groups got tangled up, too many brigades, only 12 ships and only 4 groups.  I'm sure my army would have crushed everything Red had, and his legendary castle at stormgate, but the DE suffers from the lack of a teleport army group spell until after maximum assured level.  Sucks.  Congratz to the Red.
RD-All Non Human Kings-

Here is the story of my glorious conquest of all but the humans.
I chose the Red in second spot. I hadn't played them before and wanted to flex. I was shocked to get Triumvia as region on the backend. I think its the best region, though lots of sea would hurt.
Moved on Imril and Cornocopia on turn 1, and reconned Triumvia pretty easily. The only foreign town was a Gnome sea town who refused my kind offer to purchase it as well as entry of my emissaries. The nerve! My plan was to take Stormgate quickly, but needed a windstorm to do it, then look to take out a weaker kingdom like the NE or GN before they could develop and win quickly.
Took Triumvia on 3 and raised a wizard to level 3 for a windstorm, then attacked Stormgate on turn 4.
I'd reconned part of Zanthia and part of Pellinor by now, just with the massive movement ability of RD and 5 groups, so considered which direction to go next. Clearly, I didn't want to take three regions without a plan for the fourth. Held off from taking a DW village hoping to be peaceful with early military threats.
I knew I'd get to start recruiting and needed to get some Phoenix, so I looked south and discovered the Wizard enigma in Mythgar on turn 4. South it is! I worried a bit about the northern reaches of Triumvia being undefended, but the Tyrant, the Dwarf and the Lizard were all south or close to the west, so I didn't worry about a military attack from the north that much. I landed on a human village and a Lizard town in Pellinor and reconned the rest of Pellinor on turn 5.
On turn 6 I landed on the Lizard capital, but telegraphed my move and his army was there already. I hadn’t recruited yet, and it was in the forest, so we didn’t fight. I think Drogo should have attacked my group then, but who knows. Somebody got the enigma wizard, too (Black or Tyrant?). Woe is me.
I’ll speed this up a bit- I was able to recruit Phoenix in Untamed Lands without interference from the Tyrant, while the Lizard took Cornucopia from me, and my old capital in Triumvia. I’d moved it to Stormgate by then) not before trying to move it to a sea town first. Doh.
Took a Tyrant village in Untamed as a feint, which I think worked as Tyrant retook it and didn’t seem to have armies in Mythgar. Got a big army together with intent to engage the Lizard which I did on turn 12.
My 3RD defeated his 4th and retook Cornucopia, but better, my second flanked his first army group, losing 3.84% to his 85%. Lizard military threat over. I had 4 groups capable of taking PCs by now, so took the city in Mythgar and a couple of villages.
Sent the armies to Mythgar, and got ready to take the rest of Pellinor politically to declare on turn 14. Someone was stealing food from Cornucopia, but I didn’t have any intel that anyone was moving on Triumva.
There was a Dwarf army in Pellinor, too, but at the same location as a Lizard group, so maybe they fought. Not sure. Ancient offered food for three turns, and I had plenty of gold. I thought a three turn trade deal might disguise my intent, but Tyrant called me out, correctly
Took the city in Pellinor and a big town in Mythgar (must have been the former Black capital) on 14 to control each. I did send my groups to the last two Tyrant PCs in Mythgar just in case, but I did it!
Declared as Conqueror (Sad trombone noise.) Oops. Lots of jeers from other kings followed. Thanks guys.
So now I had to hold one more turn. Not too worried about Mythgar as the Tyrant groups still hadn’t shown up, but Lizard was about to retake a town and a village in Pellinor and that region is pretty small. I had a duke to usurp his last town, but then figured it had to be his capital, so I saved the order. I knew he had an emi in one town, so I double maintained status quo, built 4 bazaars and one fortress to increase census, and hoped my tight control would hold. If I didn’t win this turn, it was likely over for the noble Red.
Tight control fell to control, but it held. Rex order issued. Done.
Notes- Red is so fast, and with five groups, even large regions can be reconned fast. It can also take PCs quickly. Recruiting is an issue, but woe to the kingdoms which allow easy Phoenix recruitment (depends on Red starting region, of course. If Red starts with Phoenix… ouch). Once I had three groups with Phoenix, taking PCs had no cost at all. Red needs to recruit three brigades every turn beginning with turn 4 for sure, which takes some planning and plenty of food.
Lots of gold means regions can be enamored, too, so the relatively small emissary team can effectively supplement the groups, in water for example. I was worried about going against the two military kingdoms to Rex, but the Lizard was no match, and never really had to engage the Tyrant groups.
As UncleMike said, there was a vacuum created by Tyrant beating Black, and that region was not built up with defense by the time I moved on it.
UncleDarkseid and others have beaten the Red with the Amazons, for example, but whoa- not easy without a good plan.
Happy to share my turns with anyone who wants to look at them.
Lots of fun. Thanks.

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