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Watch towers and watch tower failure
Well, if I had to guess, I would say it's your Dire Wolf Familiar that's causing the issue. That's why you didn't get a recon on the turn when your wizard leveled with an intrinsic Dire Wolf. By raising the wizard again the following turn (for an intrinsic True Seeing), the higher L10 recon took precedence and you received a report for the hidden pc.

The Watch Towers and Dire Wolf are both L4 recons which the program strips out by agent level. This occurs normally since during a turn, a kingdom can have a crapload of recons of the same pc. Recons from multiple agents, multiple wizards (raven, eagle, wolf, true seeing, intrinsic versions), group trails, intercepts, artifacts like Totems, special kingdom abilities like Trackers or the Druid's auto-recon of pc's, etc. There could be a ton of recons that are accumulated during a turn for a given pc and the program has to remove duplicates of all of these recons or the kingdom turn report will display a report for every entry loaded in the accumulated queue.

So unless the situation is further investigated, I would say that if there is an issue, it is with the duplicate removal of where the code strips out duplicate map areas by agent level (or equivalent if wizard spell or artifact), without checking other criteria like making a distinction between a dire wolf spell vs. watch tower ability or special kingdom ability like tracking.

To get around this, I would say move your dire wolf wizard out of the hidden pc then your kingdom will only have one L4 recon (from watch towers) and it'll be ok. Another would be to raise your dire wolf wizard to true seeing level (just one more level for the Underworld kingdom), and the L10 recon would take precedence. Or if you don't want to play around with your wizard levels then use a human agent recon (970) that's higher than L4 every turn to override the watch tower.

Hope this helps but I really don't have the time to investigate...

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