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Watch towers and watch tower failure
I guess that wasn't the best reply to a serious question.  Again, given the way we communicate between design and development, I don't have all the answers on how odd events are actually resolved.   That said, I do think it is remarkable how well Mike has implemented things and how we get zero errors.  We really get almost no complaints and those we get are really misinterpretations or a need to update a rule, rather than the code itself.  But I understand not every possibility is covered in rules, and this has been a philosophical conversation. 

Specifically, one thing on my list for the next go around is to both in code and rules to more directly define what is L1, L4, L7 and L10 detection.

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RE: Watch towers and watch tower failure - by Ry Vor - 06-09-2020, 12:45 AM

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