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Watch towers and watch tower failure
Thanks, UncleMike. Unfortunately, things don't add up. Also, unfortunately, this is an active game... so I was trying to be a bit more circumspect. Now that more details are out there, let's discuss.

I sent to support a turn from much earlier in the game, before I ever dreamed of a wizard with true seeing. I also sent one from more recent, with no true-seeing wizards present at the capital. Both had a recon of the PC via the watchtowers. I can send other turns if needed that all show the same (and without true-seeing).

Please refrain from sharing too much of the detail, but if something funky caused the issue that the community needs to be aware of.

My understanding is that an L4 will see a hidden capital (which is why you use those to look for hidden capitals). However, you won't see the groups because they're flagged as "invisible", which requires the L10+ as you note. So, I'd expect to see the PC and emissaries, but not groups. This is consistent with prior results. I'm not sure what's different this turn.

As an aside, I'd expect a dire wolf familiar to see the PC and emissaries, but not the groups (similar to the watch towers).

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