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Watch towers and watch tower failure
(06-08-2020, 11:26 AM)RELLGAR Wrote:
(06-07-2020, 07:17 PM)Ry Vor Wrote:
(06-07-2020, 06:11 PM)The Painted Man Wrote: Any insight to the lack of watching done by the aforementioned towers? Especially if an L4?

I thought I did answer that.  May not detect Concealed emissaries.  At L4, it would not fail against non-hidden, but at hidden it would be like L1 against non-hidden.

The part about them not always working as intended?.

Watchtower should be just as an L4 agent doing recon in that area.   I'm not sure if the code gives a 5% chance of failure to detect Ambushing as an L1 would have on normal recon.

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