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Objections to my son playing
He has taken a keen interest in the game, anyone have objections (15 yr old).  I wouldnt play in the same game as him.
I don't  think there is an age restriction.  I would consider you both as allies if your in the same game though.
I played and won my first game when I was 15ish. Go Barbarians Smile

You should let me mentor him so he knows how to beat pops
You need a stronger relative in the game. I think it's a great idea.
He would enjoy a mentor. He is extremely smart and analytical. He will read the rules 20 times unlike myself.
I would stay out of his first game and just let others mentor him, whatever works.
No objections here. And you could even play in a game together down the road as teammates or allies.
I have no issue Smile
Would this mean the Strilian has two relatives beating him up?  Go DW!
bring him on! that’s great
If the game is going to keep going, we need younger players. By all means, let him play.

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