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Strange Steel
Strange Steel

No Mage Kingdoms, No Demon Princes or Ancient Ones

How about a Steel game where all players choose a kingdom they have not played in Maelstrom?  Everyone gets a new experience.  Heck, let's also say no mage kingdoms, as we occasionally did in The Choosing.   This type of game can go 40 turns, so you'll certainly get your money's worth.  So, try the Cimmerians, the Tyrant, the Halflings (not you Painted Man), the Lizard King, many have never played the Rangers or Amazons.

This is the signup page, as usual, first just claim your draft position, 1 - 12, by posting here.
This is a great idea, and I'd like to play.  I'd also like to share a bit of research on the completed maelstrom games I have done for my own edification: I divided the kingdoms into four groups based on the average status points at end of game and found that the top quartile of status finishes (top 6 kingdoms) all (but one) have "secretive".  Its a powerful trait shared by the AN, AT, UN, IL, AM, all five of which have finished highest average status in the first 12 or so Maelstrom games.  The sixth top finisher was the RA, who has for 30 years always had a very powerful mix of individual brigade strength and magic potential.  The other kingdoms with "secretive" (DU, DE, PI) also have stronger finishes (all in top half of average status finishes).  Lowest, in case anyone was curious, included DW and HA, which I think is the reason they have become more popular lately.  People like a challenge.  The bottom also includes CI, SA, EL, and DA for those looking to prove the more difficult to play kingdoms...  I should think the EL and DA might be a popular choice in this game, since they would now be the "magic" kingdoms.

I have tried many ways to analyze the data, with no clear results, but I am guessing that the power of the AN and DE lie mostly in their "secretive" trait, and not as much for their special abilities.  Having played these kingdoms in the paper and pencil days, I can say they were not nearly as dominating then as they are today.

So, my suggestion would be, in this particular game, to also eliminate that trait.
Oh and I'll pick 6 please.
I will try position #2
HA also has 2 hidden villages. so not a capital but two village one of which can even be in another region.
give me #1 I have a smaller selection of kingdoms
(01-13-2020, 11:33 AM)Draugr Wrote: HA also has 2 hidden villages.  so not a capital but two village one of which can even be in another region.

I thought about that.  However, these hidden PCs are villages, and therefore cannot be fortified.  With a secret town, the difficulty lie not only in finding the PC, but being able to recon and conquer once you've found it.  Because once its been found, there has likely been a castle, great castle or even a legendary castle built on it.  This plus a good agent on counterespionage prevents recons and captures in many (though not all) cases.
I'll take 5th.
Pick 3
1.  Draugr
2.  Vball
3.  Strongwill
5.  Windstar
6.  Senior Tac 

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