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5392 New Decade Steel (Forum Only)

We have the trade order in, but will revert our orders back in a couple of hours as She is busy this evening and does not want to issue a trade order in vain.

Please confirm you are sending 30k gold for 60k food and we shall consider it done.

In Her name,
The Amazon
confirmed, and thnx.
might be needing more food next turn.
RA to IL, Master of Illusionists, I have plotted 40,000 gold for 1 food.
(Yesterday, 12:13 AM)RELLGAR Wrote: RA to IL, Master of Illusionists,  I have plotted 40,000 gold for 1 food.

Thank you sir
UN - PI,

Either you are the one guilty of all the Agent Activity, or someone is truly attempting to turn us against each other. Agents hit my city and all my towns this turn. I was moving agents out into other regions to spread my reach, but I think I will need to move at least some of them back next turn to address this issue. I assure you none of my agents took any action against any kingdom, not even a scout this turn.

Lord of all Things Unseen.
Ashgar the Bloodthirsty. 

My blood, your blood, what difference does it make!  

Time will tell.................
my agents are on 920 and arty recons.
can you steal an artifact from the wild? I get the error message

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