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DU in sword coast
Yes, there is no official player aide on calculations.  And what I have posted on this topic is spread across forgotten threads.

What I will say again as, for a proxy in Maelstrom, move one column right for your calculations.  Then for good measure more, add another 10%. 

The point being, Rebellion and Usurpation in Maelstrom are more difficult by a quarter to a third.  A town's base resistance is 3.0, not 2.5.  Friendly means resistance is 1.5, not 1.0.  Loyal now is 1.0. 

I have approached Frost Lord (great player aid creator) at least twice about both returning as a player and revising his great creation, with no response.  And the player aid pages are password protected with hidden cells. 

So again, as a proxy for political actions, just move a column right: if you are tolerant, treat as suspicious in the player aide.

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