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Welcome New Players.
We want to welcome you to our Alamaze Community.  

If you are curious why we brought you directly to our forums, it is because our forums are the center of our community, and it is from here that player communications take place. It is also where all new games are created, and the drafts for kingdoms and regions take place.

In order to play your first game of Alamaze, there are a couple of things you need to do.

1) Set up an account with Alamaze and with the forum.
Keep in mind when choosing your persona at sign-up, it will be your in-game name. So chose something that fits the fantasy genre. You should also try and use the same persona for the forums to cut down on confusion.

New Account Registration:

3) We have set up a training vault that contains video tutorials, downloadable game aids, along with video examples of gameplay.

Game Vault:

In the training vault, we have laid out step by step everything from playing the tutorial to getting into your first game.

There are also videos of actual gameplay and downloadable game aids you can use to help you learn the game.

Before creating or trying to start any games in the game queue, please watch the tutorials on "Creating Your First Duel" and "Getting Into Your First Full Game of Alamaze."

4) Last, take a moment to introduce yourself to the community by commenting on this post. Let us know your new in-game name and where you're from. It is also a great help if you can tell us where you learned about Alamaze.

5) For information on game cost or to learn more about the history of Alamaze go to:

Once again, welcome, and we look forward to meeting you on the battlefields of Alamaze.
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