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5329 AGOGE the Spartin Training for Warriors
I posted this as a reply earlier when it should have been a new thread.  As Homer would say, dooohhhh!

5329 AGOGE the Spartin Training for Warriors

This was a game of two player teams that ended about a week ago.  I had the good fortune to play with two different allies and both were outstanding.  This was supposed to be a team game with every team having a new or returning player.  I think I may have been about the last to join and by pure luck got partnered with Senior Tactician.  He had not played Malestrom before but is very experienced from 2nd cycle.
Here are the starting positions and teams:

1.) Wookie Panz -AT-Diamond Coast /Senior Tactician. Darkover-DU
2.) Strylian-Nyvaria-Halflings/- Habeuscorpus-Untamed Lands-Red Dragon
3.) Uncledarkseid, DE-Crown Islands/ Ptriley, AM- Triumvia
4.) Draugr, AN Pellinor/ Vulkat, RA, Mythgar
5.) Ashgar, IL, Zamora / Sea Dragon, LI, Krynn
6.) Rellgar, PI, Sword Coast / Feralkoala, DW, Zanthia 

Senior and I saw our biggest threat as the AM, DE team and prepared to do battle with them.  We used the AT charisma to get an early H.C. seat, gave it to Druid, got another, and used the council early and often to increase influence.  We prepared to attack AM and DE.  They were doing the same and saw us coming and managed to attack first on turn 11 but DU was prepared and declared both enemy and used the staff (a most useful tool) to denigrate DE. 
The initial attack set us back a bit and we lost a major part of Darkover but never the hidden DU capital or the city, which DU fortified early.  AN was secure in the Diamond Coast with the city, capital, and towns at sea.
As our battle raged AN and RA were attacking RD and HA, and DW and PI were attacking IL and LI.

While we lost control of Dakover for a time, but the DU trait or level 1 recons for PC's and lots of DU raven recon let us see many of the AM and DE politicians and we were picking them off with agents and military moves on a regular basis.  We regained control of Darkover on turn 17 and were already on the offensive in Crown Coast and Triumvia.
Using the Staff of disdain and the high council, we were able to use the AN politically very well while DU was sleeping the enemy and building up his army.  My AT had the gem of the plains and was able to bounce around Triumvia.  Early on I had a coastal town in Darkover and had built fleets so now I used them to take out all of the sea towns and villages in Triumvia.  We were starting to roll.
Turn 19 my partner with his DU position eliminated the DE army.  That was to be the final turn for Senior, who left this and all of his other games and took a break from Alamaze.  I was left scrambling, and not wanting to play both positions, which would be an unfair advantage.  I had recently finished a three player team game with Painted Man and we had worked together very well.  I was able to reach out to him and he agreed to take over the DU position.  By the time we got approval from master RY Vor turn 20 had run so we missed a DU turn.
By turn 23 the DE had surrendered and AN controlled Triumvia so we had 3 regions.  RD had surrendered and his partner, HA was on the ropes fighting AN and RA, who had 3 regions.
It looked obvious that the AN/RA team was going to be the team to beat and the other two teams were still fighting each other in the southwest. An angry AM was still roaming around plundering villages and towns but he was running on fumes and would soon drop.

Fast forward a few turns and HA is gone and DU is winning against AN in Nyvaria.  My AT is doing okay against RA who has invaded my Triumvia big time.  Now the othe team comes into play with DW invading Crown Coast and taking control from my AN in a couple of turns.  The DW/PI tun have finally won their battle with IL and LI and LI has dropped but IL was to hang in there for the duration.   DW was able to continue into Triumvia and faced with fighting both teams full on by brilliant partner came up with the idea of going deep behind the front lines and we used our mobility to invade Untamed and Mythgar.
Rather than fight in Triumvia and Darkover sandwiched between two strong teams we would jump behind them into their lightly held rear areas. DW and RA were not mobile enough to keep up and ended up fighting each other while we ravaged the rear.

We lost control of Triumvia and even Darkover for a time but we were able to regain Darkover and  to pick up both Mythgar and Untamed.  We already had Nyvaria, Diamond Coast, and Stormgate so had our 6 regions needed for the win. 
Then it took a few more turns for my AT to claim the last 2 regions for the 2 player rex win.  We had all agreed at the beginning that ones the 6 region win was established the winning team could pick up 2 more uncontested.

Thanks to everyone for a very enjoyable game and quite the slugfest much of the way.  We had to fight 3 out of 4 teams.  I count myself as the luckiest guy in Alamaze having not just one, but two great partners in Senior and Painted Man.

As a parting note, at some point I was reminded by my good friend P.T. that I was fighting against him in all three games I was playing.   Strongwill, it was unintentional, really.  I just got sucked into the black combat hole!

                           Game End Status Points

        Place Kingdom    Player                Results-40  Grand Total

          1     DU     The Painted Man           53,100      78,325
          2     AT     Wookie Panz               32,887      50,713
          3     AN     Draugr                    27,996      48,693
          4     DW     Eregnon the Black         21,815      43,824
          5     RA     Vulkar                    16,113      43,709
          6     PI     Rellgar                   15,644      27,219
          7     IL     Ashgar                     7,922      15,778
I believe uncledarkseid and I dropped after Senior Tactician dropped, and a non rookie player enter the game, in his position. Which changed the dynamics and intent of the game. You would have eventually finished us but we were still very much able to wreck havoc and slow your game, maybe even your 1st place finish. Smile

Congrats on the win.

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