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5349 Fast Steel, One ally outside Forum
This one just ended.  Congratulations to Draugr on another win.   This was a fast, two day game with 1 ally allowed and allied communications allowed outside the forum.
This was a very unusual game for me and my LI in Sword Coast.  Painted Man's HA in Zamora sort of flirted with me early but Ashgar's BL in Zanthia actually offered alliance and I was glad to join him.   Draugr and his DU in Krynn had joined Rellgars IL in Triumvia and P.T. Riley and his RD in Mythgar were working with Dupont's TY in Untamed against a new player in Pellinor who seemed to be by himself.  At least that was the appearance of things from my position.

BL and I went after RD in Mythgar on turn 8 and he was quickly conquered.  We were moving on TY when HA attacked me through the back door, angry that I had rejected his earlier advances.  He was a very tough opponent.  With great effort and help from ally BL, we were getting things stabilized in Sword Coast and Mythgar when DU and IL attacked us and everything went downhill quickly.  They had 20 turns to develop their magic without interruption and we paid the price.  We lost both regions.
In the meantime I was able to come to a truce with HA and begin a little recovery.  My well protected capital never did fall.  Brek with his well developed AN position in Nyvaria was fighting Rellgars IL in the north and offered to keep me supplied if I would care to ally with him.  I don't think I have ever switched allies before but BL was all for it if it would help slow IL. 

After many turns Brek was doing well and I had taken quite a few villages in the north.  The towns were mostly too well defended for my meager forces.  DU had held enough regions for the win for many turns but was waiting for his ally to get 4 regions to join him for the win.  It just was not going to happen as IL had angered too many players and was fighting an uphill battle.
This was just a battle of survival for me and though I finished next to last I fought 3 of the games best in Painted Man, Rellgar, and the winner, Draugr.  It was also great fun to play with Ashgar and Brek for the first time and make a couple of new friends.  It just shows that you don't have to win to have a good time.  Sometimes just hanging on and being a thorn in the side of your attackers has it's own reward.

Well done Draugr.  Thanks to both my allies, Ashgar and Brek.  HA, sorry I left you alone in the corner.  Boy did I pay a price for that!  Thanks everyone for another fun game.
Victory By Rex Is The Druid Kingdom!

Game End Status Points

Place Kingdom Player Results-37 Grand Total

1 DU Draugr 86,336 128,757
2 IL Rellgar 50,215 82,701
3 AT Brek 47,969 81,738
4 HA The Painted Man 22,551 43,385
5 BL Ashgar 14,600 32,979
6 LI Wookie Panz 15,785 32,881
7 TY DuPont 8,600 17,275

I finished controlling 5 regions. W/15 legendary castles.
(12-19-2019, 02:44 PM)Draugr Wrote: Victory By Rex Is The Druid Kingdom!

                           Game End Status Points

        Place Kingdom    Player                Results-37  Grand Total

          1     DU     Draugr                    86,336     128,757
          2     IL     Rellgar                   50,215      82,701
          3     AT     Brek                      47,969      81,738
          4     HA     The Painted Man           22,551      43,385
          5     BL     Ashgar                    14,600      32,979
          6     LI     Wookie Panz               15,785      32,881
          7     TY     DuPont                     8,600      17,275

I finished controlling 5 regions.   W/15 legendary castles.
Sounds like Bounty is up for adjustment.
What sound? I didn't hear any sounds, is that a new Alamaze feature? Why am I not getting it?
The LI was picking on me and taking my villages.
This was a fun game. Congrats to all of us that hung in there and battled to the very end. Nice work Draugr and Rellgar!!!!!
Ashgar the Bloodthirsty. 

My blood, your blood, what difference does it make!  

Time will tell.................
Thanks for the fun competitive game. A very big thank you to Draugr who was the best ally a person can have. Thank you to all who didnt simply rollover and quit. 

Painted, how built up was your 2 hidden villages? 

Wookie,  thank you for the great write up.  Your water capital  was to tough for us to deal with. 

I think the legendary castles are spot on, no one could take one until the last 5 turns or so. That's with windstorm. 

A fun game and I like the only 1 ally.
Fix bounty. Interesting. I finished the game not making the most gold or food. I believe most likely it was the AT making the mist of both
Hey guys! Fourth place Halfling here with a super exciting post!!

Actually, not a ton to add to the above, but a few things I learned:
1) Nobody likes Halflings. This is across multiple games. I refuse to believe it's me. Smile I think more that it's because we (the HA) are decent at everything, but it's a hard sell to explain that we truly shine at economics, especially in light of the lack of bounty until after our assured max level.
2) The auto-recon of our PCs is huge, and also what kept me from fighting back too much against DU. When I had to choose where I wanted to focus on being a thorn, IL was more appealing because he didn't see my guys whenever they popped into his PCs like the DU did. Yes, I know that conceal emissary is possible, but when you're flooding with govs not the best approach.
3) The hidden villages that Rellgar talks about are a huge boon and kept IL from getting Zamora. Stats below. One of the villages had higher census than the major city and the other was above most towns. I had moved my capital there early on.
4) LI was a doodyhead. First he shunned my advances, then he took my stuff after we had agreed to peace, and now he's trying to claim that he and BL had me "handled". Pish tosh. Smile Love you, Wookie!
5) Fun side note is this game is my record for highest wizard (including playing wizard kingdoms) with two p8s. Again, the power of those two hidden villages.

Reg Area Name Type Defense Defense Census Food Gold Other
10 YA Bright Sand Village 47,503 47,503 143,330 128,431 128,992 Hidden
Buildings: Motte and Bailey, Bazaar, Granary, Great Temple, Wizard Tower
Possesses: Glyph of Concealment
10 YG Burning Sands Village 6,140 6,140 51,350 54,194 57,511 Coastal, Capital, Hidden
Buildings: Motte and Bailey, Bazaar, Granary, Great Temple, Thieves Guild, Wizard Tower
Possesses: Glyph of Concealment

Great job to Draugr, Rellgar, and Brek. DU/IL gave us an amazing lesson of what can happen if good players are left unopposed, and none of us should be surprised at how it ended up. Brek continues to amaze me with his ability to build serious points.

Fun game all. Thanks!

The Halfling
Great game everyone, had a blast! Draugr and Relgar nice game guys !
I really like the only 1 ally, just wish I had allied earlier, had a brief alliance with the AN after he and the RD tangled but he left the game soon after. After that I had launched an unsuccessful attack against the Tyrant and was sent lback to Nyvaria licking my wounds. Several turns later the UN launched a blitz on my emmy and region, which gave me a target, thinking my troops would wipe the floor with him, I headed north into the Diamond coast where I proceeded to lose most all my starting wizards and military leaders and in the end it left my army stranded, while i had to rebuild my magic core.
I did well in the finance department as Dragur mentioned, and my hold on Stormgate held until the final few turns where it proceeded to get nuked and taken Sad

Capital 1,502,037 (Food) 162,253 (gold) Coastal, Capital, Hidden
Highest food production: 1,711,919 food per month
Highest gold production: 421,353 gold per month
A big shout out to Wookie for coming over to the darkside with me!
Ashgar - wish I had been able to mess it up more with your dragons, I really wanted to run our armies into each other!
Painted - I’m still very hurt everyone else had a proposition from you but me, very very hurt ;(

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