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Game 5360 Seasonal Steel (War of the Mages)
(01-15-2020, 10:51 PM)Airetar Wrote: DU -> NE

I can't promise anything going forward.  Just want to preserve my good name.  If you had UN capital location, that would be helpful.

1DU army group is headed your way from UP, enamoring your region, denigrating you in his, all the work of a true ally and bestie!! Smile

I on the other-hand have been helping you in the shadows kidnapping or killing 2 dukes, and other misc  emmy/agents trying to move into your area but passing through mine.  I will continue to help support thwarting his attempts to attack you.  Now that is a true friend Smile

Oh, alliances are allowed in this game?  The last turn declaration.  So that makes at least four very quickly deciding to go after the Druid. Eight sleep spells last turn that went through.  Impressive.

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