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5321 Team Game
Victory By Team (8 Regions) Is The Red Dragon Kingdom!
                           Game End Status Points

        Place Kingdom    Player                Results-20  Grand Total

          1     RD     Draugr                    27,130      35,513
          2     RA     Ashgar                    24,108      31,241
          3     LI     Rellgar                   21,842      29,839
          4     BL     The Painted Man           15,500      22,550
          5     PI     Valuthor                  11,603      16,917
          6     DU     Wookie Panz                8,946      13,847
          7     CI     Strongwill                 6,549      12,021
          8     IL     Calidor                    6,030      10,667
          9     TY     Acererak                   3,400       6,616
         10     DE     DuPont                     1,564       3,374
         11     AN     Brek                       1,766       2,763

Congrats to Draugr Ash and Rellgar.  Nice dominate win.
Congrats on the win!
Good Game and great team -- Argg
That game was a blast. Thank you all for some fun and crazy times.

RA - First time playing the Rangers and I like them as a kingdom. Fairly solid. No special benefits, but also no glaring weaknesses. When the game started, Rellgar (LI) Draugr (RD), and I talked about what to do out of the gate. With Dupont, Brek, and Styrilian taking the DE, AN, and AM, we knew they would be a force if given time to develop. They all start with hidden capitals so it was going to be difficult to really hit them where it hurts. We decided to go straight power with our kingdom choices and go on the offensive on turn 1.

I started in Mythgar and Immediately combined my troops and headed to the Major City (XE) in Zamora. The intent was to use my military in Zamora to hamper the DE as early as possible. I used Emmisaries to go after Mythgar. This slowed me down a bit in both reconning my region and taking PC's but I was still able to take my region by turn 5 I believe. I took XE on turn 3. Then I began going after PC's while searching for the DE's hidden capital. The DE quickly returned the favor by going after PC's in my region. He even took me out of control of my region around turn 8 or so. By then, I was moving on the Minor city in The Sword Coast to deny the AN extra gold production. This is where the teamwork came in great. Draugr was playing the RD and was doing the same thing as me. Less focus on his initial region in exchange for using his military to go after the AN. Around turn 9 we realized that he was closer to Mythgar and I was closer to Zanthia. We decided that he would take over my region while I pressed after both the AN and the AM. Rellgar was more of a power house than either my Rangers or the Red Dragon. He took his region and then harrassed the AM while he also took Stormgate. We finally found the DE capital around turn 9 or 10 I believe. He moved it to a water town in Krynn to avoid the hit he knew was coming. Side Note (The Hurricane was not our doing, but the fact that Dupont was incapacitated for a short time really did help to limit his team's effectiveness. It was incredibly unfortunate and I was thrilled to hear that he and his were safe. I would have preferred to face him at 100% instead of getting a free assist.)

As I Split my force into two armies, I hit the AM in Zanthia, with the first one. I took the Major City at PJ and then continued to push for his PC's while searching for his capital. My second Army pressed the AN and the search was on for his Capital as well. Draugr was able to get control of Krynn and also control of Mythgar tentatively. He started to press for control of Zamora as well. I took control of Zanthia and finally found the AM Capital at the same time the RD found it. Fortunately, it was an agent that found it so the AM had no clue I was coming for it. I landed on his Capital and around the same time we located the AN Capital. I attacked the AM Capital and was hoping to get the plow of the Prophet as the LI could have really used it. well in that effort, the AN used Ancient Intervention and prevented the attack while the AM snuck the Plow off to the volcano and destroyed it. Well Played.

Once I took out the AM Capital, he was down to some divisions in Krynn that were harassing the RD Pop Centers. He also Harrassed the LI at the village in Stormgate. Possibly due to the fact, the LI had hit some of his pop centers in Zanthia earlier in the game. The AM did a good job of using what he was left with to pick at us until we finally eliminated him from the game.

Now I switched focus to the AM. The RD had effectively put the DE into a bad position where he was constantly trying to survive with just 2 pop centers at times. It was around this time that something happened that made zero sense. The TY launched an attack on the LI in Pellinor. The best we could tell, the CI/IL/TY were hard-pressed by the BL/DU/PI. I am not certain why just one member of that team invaded, but it gave us the perfect opportunity. The RD and LI turned on him with a focus. The BL took the opportunity to take Stormgate away from the LI and that concerned us a little bit. We realized that if we controlled The untamed lands and took back Stormgate, we would have our 8 regions and could declare victory. We ramped up efforts. I moved on the DE capital on the water in Krynn since the AN had moved his capital to a water village near there. I took the DE Capital on one turn and then attempted to take the AN capital the next. Again the AN used Ancient intervention to stop the attack and I had moved off to another PC. The AN did a great job of taking a Pop Center or two. He was always just a step ahead in preventing me from getting control of the Sword Coast. On turn 19 we thought we had the game one. The RD had been doing well in clamping down on the DE and trying to keep control of Mythgar. We also thought I would get control of the Sword Coast and the RD would get the Untamed lands. Unfortunately, we were denied. Again, some good work by the AN kept me from controlling the Sword Coast and the RD just missed gaining control of The Untamed Lands.

The very next turn, The game was over. We made good on our efforts to control those regions.

Brek you are an animal with the AN. Nice work.

Great game to all and thanks for the fun.
Ashgar the Bloodthirsty. 

My blood, your blood, what difference does it make!  

Time will tell.................
Once we heard what was going on with DuPont we realized that your team was going to coast to victory unless something happened. So I blew up the village in Stormgate and the TY just did what he could. We hoped that someone from the other team would have popped into Krynn or Triumvia but that never seemed to happen. I really expected them to push south on you guys at some point.
(10-01-2019, 01:51 PM)Calidor Wrote: Once we heard what was going on with DuPont we realized that your team was going to coast to victory unless something happened.  So I blew up the village in Stormgate and the TY just did what he could. We hoped that someone from the other team would have popped into Krynn or  Triumvia but that never seemed to happen. I really expected them to push south on you guys at some point.

That was the plan, but when someone is just wandering about blowing up villages and CI was razing stuff, couldn't just walk away. Left TY's capital alone because he was enamoring down south and had stopped efforts in our regions.

Had a final battle for stormgate this last turn that ended in a draw (nicely done, LI!) that if BL had won we would have gone on to take the city but, sadly, a draw isn't a win. We ended up with resources in Pellinor but too little too late. 

Overall a fun game and gave me more of an appreciation for BL than I previously had.
Who knew you had to have a G, and an A, and an R in your name to win this one?   Sounds like a cheer, right?
So congratulations to the team of Draugr, Ashgar, and Rellgar for their win.
Thanks to my great team of Painted Man and Valuthor.   Everyone had their role to play on our team and we all worked together very well.   The PI was the banker, the sailor, the divine go to guy and master of encounters at double the money.   BL was all things combat and a host of other stuff and very good at it.  My DU role was hugging trees and occasional magic tricks when I wasn't busy running the food truck.   The team of IL, TY, CI was good enough to slow us down to the point that we couldn't do much against the winning team at the end.  Those guys just would not quit!   The last 2 turns did see me ready to try for a big chunk of LI but it was too little too late to make a difference. 
It was a lot of fun and I got to play on a team with two new friends.  Well done everyone.  

p.s.  Condolences to team DuPont who saw his beloved real time home subject to what amounts to a meteor attack just after this game got started and has a very long road to recovery.
Blessings to you and all of the others in the Bahama's.

Once we tried to move against the winning team, opening two fronts, I knew we were toast. Painted played the BL perfectly and my scorched earth at the end was just a stalling tactic, him and DU would have taken my region in a turn or so. The IL was tagged by all of them at once, so he just did the same, but popped over in DU area to do it. TY was just trying to fight it to end, but RD/LI with magic really hurt.

Overall fun, good game

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