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Military Development and Utilization
Okay, hotshot.  This is sort of the main axle for many players and for several kingdoms.  Many questions:
  • When and what do you recruit?
  • How do you deploy your forces in the early game?
  • How much do you value a kingdom with five forces?
  • Do you take group movement customization like Champion Stallions and Wowie Totem?
  • Do you take Human PC's and foreign controlled PC's in your capital region militarily?
  • Do you try to have just sufficient force to gain brigade promotions without overwhelming?
  • Do you explore neighboring regions other than recalling the out of region force?
  • Do you seek out encounters as much to advance leaders as for the artifact?
Anything else you like to add on how, especially in the early game to transitioning to mid-game how you utilize military, maybe from different kingdom perspectives.
I'll  answer  one, I go after encounters  for leader promotions mostly. I will, go out of my way for certain artifacts, none of the weapons  are beneficial except for promotions and the bonus the give for the encounters,  with the exception  of the assassination  daggers.
what is the order of leadership advancemet?
captain to general to marshal etc... and the intcremental increases in between?

Centurion 5%
Captain 6%
Captain Major 7%
General 10%
Major General 11%
Commander 12%
Marshal 15%
Grand Marshal 16%
Lord Commander 17%
Warlord 25%

You could email these questions Smile lol
What and when do you recruit?
I'll try on this one:
Every position is different and recruitment varies with the position, the type of game, the region you are in and who are the other players in the game and where are they in relation to you.
That's the long answer.   The shorter answer is the best players adapt and plan ahead.   Are you playing a military position like a dragon?  Recruit early and often and promote through your attacks.  You have to feed these guys.

Playing a magic position?  Some very good players dump units right at the start and promote wizards with the gold saved.   If you can summon by spell you save a lot of gold.
Playing DE?  Skeletons and dammed that can be converted to zombies are a big part of the success of the DE.
You can never go wrong by planning ahead and that should start with the draft.
We still see the occasional draft where a position is placed in a region where it loses it's advantages.  NO does not fit in the north or CI in the south.  Dragons don't like water, sea positions don't  like being land bound.  It sounds obvious but it does happen.  Look at the position and see what your recruitment options will be before you draft.  What will you need to recruit and will the area fit the position?
Again and again we see the top players have a plan, right from the start, and often a plan B and C.   Read your setup and if there is a position you want to learn about just ask someone on the forum and you will find that many players have most of the setups saved from previous games.  Some early research will pay off big later on.

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