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Pairing Kingdoms and Regions
(09-23-2019, 06:23 PM)PTRILEY Wrote:
(09-23-2019, 05:28 PM)Senior Tactician Wrote:
(09-15-2019, 09:02 PM)Ry Vor Wrote: OK, sorry.  I actually am not partial to any particular method, but I (as purveyor) do appreciate players playing a lot.

If Valhalla podium positions for Maelstrom works, that would seem to be fine.  Meaning 1, 2, and 3 points for bronze, silver gold.  So two silvers in a kingdom would beat one gold.  If a tie, it goes to the highest medal (a gold and bronze would beat two silvers, etc.)

How's that?

Then we may have some positions not qualifying on those grounds, in which case highest points in a kingdom would claim their kingdom with no podium finish claimed, then the next highest points in a kingdom would get that kingdom.

I know that isn't crystal but I think you get it.  If player A has 40,000 Gnome points and Gnome is unclaimed and a position remains and that 40k is the highest for any single unclaimed (no podium) position, they would get it, then if there is still a position left and the next player has 34,000 points as unclaimed Dark Elves, that player can claim Dark Elves.

Dupont, on the other hand (I'm gonna bust his balls a bit because I know him from the old days  Angel  Has played all 10 of the completed maelstrom games and scored only 5 points. 
Some people like DuPont, because of his skill in this game are more readily a target over others.  Meaning don’t underestimate his winning % compared to someone else who may or may not have got their podium from walking into a kingdom that has already been fighting from very early on.   It’s a game with strategy I get that, but to some extent a players overall ability should be weighed.  I know you didn’t mean any slight towards himSmile  but I have great respect for the battles I have had with him.
No I don't judge a players skill by their win percentage, some of us honestly don't aim in that direction.  But for a "championship" the only alternative to some metric of victory would be to ask everyone to vote.  Which would be fine with me as well, actually.
I believe since we have a cutoff documented when the champ game starts next years championship would include only games from that years play cycle which includes last years championship. Not in my case because it was a different cycle but that seems the most fair. If a new guy only started 3 months ago say and does not make it in well maybe when they have a year under the belt.

I like how it both rewards wins and total points. I think players that play more help to grow the community more as well so should claim some kind of reward
Senior Tac, I know you don’t brother. I just think some people take an early hit by one or two and that’s not indicative of their skill. Draugr And VBall, case in point, most games they fight multi players because of how good they are. Just making a point, I suck at Maelstrom.

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