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Construction Strategy
(09-13-2019, 12:06 AM)Eregnon Wrote: I think we should drop the bazaar requirement for the granary. The best place to build a granary is in a village, but it makes no sense at all to build a bazaar there.

this makes a ton of sense.  by the time you make up for the food required to build them both it will be offseason again.
I have not payed close enough attention to confirm this absolutely (or perhaps I misunderstood originally), however, it was told to me that the percentage modifiers are antero-active.  I have not found this to be the case.  Once you build a granary, for example, you get 25% positive food modifier.  A subsequent 600 modifier adds 1000 (instead of 1250).  Since this seems to be the case, one should get in a bunch of 600 orders, hidden ores and fertile fields before one builds a granary, bazaar and port.  I prefer, for instance, not to build a bazaar until the PC gold production is at least 40k.  Then the bazaar adds 10k, followed by the port adding 25k on top of that.  When this action is performed with food and gold both, you can easily get a PC to the point its producing half the resources of an entire (small) region in just a few turns, without bounty.

Hidden PCs, and water towns make excellent choices in this effort, as they can be then fortified with castles making them very difficult to take.  Water towns, for new people, count as "coastal" for the port requirement.  Something I wish I had known earlier.
You are correct
Water towns and any PC next to the water. Coastal or not IE The city at JJ does not list coastal but it is.
So any town or village in a sea is coastal? Craaaaap that would have been good to know. Is that correct?
Any PC that has one or mor adjacent sea square
(01-22-2020, 10:09 PM)RELLGAR Wrote: Any PC that has one or mor adjacent sea square

Thanks.  That would have changed a few games for me.  Geez.  I should have tried a port on my own.

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