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The Labors of Heracles
I think I have this in the right spot and I didn't think anybody else is already opened up a thread for the game. Red dragons get a +2 point bonus towards the early strategic objective. Does this mean that if I achieve three points I would automatically obtain the major ESO ?
 also, could somebody explain the policy for this game in particular on communications, alliances, and such. I just wanna make sure I know who to talk to, and  what we can discuss.

any help would be appreciated and good luck to everybody.
1 Agent Orange - Crown Islands / Illusionist
2 Son of Conan - Nyvaria / Atlantian
3 Senior Tactician - Untamed Lands / Darkelf
4 VBM - Darkover / Demon Princes
5 Uncledarkseid - zanthia/red dragons
6 Brekk - Pellinor / Underworld
7 Canticar - Krynn / Lizard Men
8 Valuthor - Sword Coast / Ranger
9 Diamond Cutter - Diamond Coast / Tyrant
10 Drogo - Triumvia / Amazons
11 Strylian - Zamora / Pirates
12 PTRiley - Mythgar / Ancient Ones

that is so we all know where each other is. Dinner is at my house tonight we're serving toasted Dwarf stop on by
The dispersed kingdoms from 3rd cycle still get there +2 to ESO. It is a carry over that never got corrected. If you select a greater ESO of 5 point you need to get three points worth of the items to be able to claim the greater ESO reward.
From Rick's first posting for the game, here are the communication rules:

with forum diplomacy end of season (that is, no email, only forum communication at every turn result received that ends a season, i.e., "Late Spring") until the next turn results).  No declaration of allies, no non-aggression pacts (NAPS), but trading, limited agreements including swapping pc's and I'll stay out of X if you stay out of Y, and of course smack.

So, since turn 1 ran and that ends a season, we can chat now and rant and taunt and threaten. We can even do some horse trading, but no alliances or NAPs and no game-long trading partners. You can vote for someone else's issue on the High Council (hoping they will later vote for your issue) but you cannot propose an issue to benefit another kingdom. After turn 2 runs, there is silence until after turn 4 runs which ends another season, etc....

I want to warn folks that my demons are doing experiments in Darkover for the next few turns, so it might not be wise for mortals to be traveling there.
If you own a town or village in that region and want to keep it, let me know and we can maybe work something out.
The Holy Ancients, want only peace. If you own a population in my region, we can come to terms if you want to keep it.

AN-PI I have a population in your region I would like to keep it. Let me know.

AN-RA I know about Goat Path, I may need it, I have something exciting to show you, I’m sure your looking for it. U nighted K ingdom, good place to visit.
Ra-AN we are on our move to that area you mentioned , if you ne e goat path give us some warning and we will tax it.

If any have a population center in the sword coast and wish to keep it tell us now. We can make a trade
AN-RA sounds good, two turns good? Counting this turn, T4?
AN-LI I have an item in your great lands, would you be willing to retrieve it for a payment?
RA AN it is yours on turn 4.
(09-04-2019, 09:11 PM)Valuthor Wrote: RA AN it is yours on turn 4.

Thank you

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