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what type of game do we want next?
I am up for anything, 
I am liking the ice age because of the full diplomacy, as it is, no game long naps, talking to neighbors to understand why etc... as well as forum discussions and blasts and some diplomacy.   Game long alliances only if you declare etc...   It seems to make the turns go by a bit quicker than every three turns and wait for a response type diplomacy.   

Silent games are good too and I will most likely sign up for whatever games are available, I just prefer some form diplomacy.

Would hidden cities add to the game? is it an option for Maelstrom, what is a slugfest? 

so = someone start a new game thread with some rules or a theme! 
Me as well.
Ashgar the Bloodthirsty. 

My blood, your blood, what difference does it make!  

Time will tell.................
I enjoyed the forum diplomacy once every three turns. I'd like another game like that. That's my vote.
I'll play anything Smile
Have you tried an actual team game yet?
I have not tried a team game but I would be willing to do so.

Well, We did do the mentor and apprentice team game, but that was very different.
Ashgar the Bloodthirsty. 

My blood, your blood, what difference does it make!  

Time will tell.................
I would be up for a team game. But I will play anything. I am loving the diplomacy on the ice age game.
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I'm looking for a consensus to form.   If it ends up being Alliance, please respect the other players and do not drop in any case before turn 12 at earliest.  Also recognize in Alliance, you will almost always experience a set back to at least one kingdom - this is part of the situation when three kingdoms can coordinate against one, so your strategy needs to take into account how to exploit that and avoid it if possible happening to you.  Point being, do not drop because one kingdom got busted up. 

Also, should go without saying, there can be no coordination between two teams against a third. 

Generally, in Alliance, one captain for each team drafts for the team.  There also is a possibility to have preset kingdoms and regions, so that each team has a quadrant and presumably one mage, one military, and one balanced kingdom.

Lets look for some more comments to see what format we have 12 players interested in.
Sounds like Alliance is teams of three?

If so, I'm in. Happy to play with whomever will have me. Makes me miss BlueFile2 a little.
So team = Alliance?

I would give this a shot.

But yes ill play anything

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