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Double Dragons Dominate Game 5296
Game 5296 - a confederations game which a player controls two kingdoms has ended:

1     RD     DuPont                    28,400      38,791
2     BL     DuPont                    21,560      28,301
3     AM     Drogo                     17,075      25,007
4     AT     Brek                       9,061      12,440
5     SA     Strylian                   5,000       8,325
6     AN     Strylian                   5,788       8,051
7     DE     Brek                       2,866       5,248

I picked the 'double dragon' team on a lark because I had selected two large regions (Triumvia and Darkover) and dragons are good for covering large areas quickly. I felt I was probably putting myself at a big disadvantage because, of course, Dragons are no good on water, Triumvia has a large water area and the Atlantians were on my flank in the Diamond Coast. But it just seemed like fun and, as I think most people know, winning isn't really my #1 priority when I play. I snagged my regions very quickly and moved on Stormgate. The SA/AN teams had made an early play for it as well, but backed off, largely, I think, because they faced an early attack from the SO/AM team. So finding myself halfway to the needed six regions, I quickly turned on the AT/DE team - using the RD to assault the land-based holdings of the AT and the BL to root out the DE in Zantia. The bad news in the Diamond Coast was that the city was in the water - I could never get it and the AT smartly kept a brigade there to block any emmies getting in. Note to anyone who plays double dragons again - get an Onyx Amulet during kingdom customization - it would have saved me a lot of trouble. I was able to knock the AT out of control of the region, but never quite get control myself. But I did get an upper hand and put them on the back foot. Knowing I'd need at least one other region, even if I managed to gain the Diamond Coast, I decided to attack Nyvaria before the SO got too strong. I swooped in, claimed the city and fortified it so it could not be taken back. I also decided to move against the isolated IL in the Crown Islands as his other position - the TY - was being assaulted by the RA/GN team in the south. But that brought me into conflict with the GN/RA team myself and I lost a number of brigades to the GN wizards. Then the AM launched a counter-attack in Nyvaria. Rather than try to take his armies on head-to-head, I used the RD mobility to go after Mythgar, which I realized must be unprotected. This also brought me into conflict with the AN/SA team, so I could claim I was fighting literally everybody. To some extent, it was a game of whack-a-mole. The DE mostly abandoned Zanthia but moved into Triumvia. The AT eventually recaptured all of the Diamond Coast and sent his main army to join the DE. The IL dropped - crushed between me and the GN/RA but with many of those pop centers at sea and undefended by fleets, I was able to claim the region. The RA/GN team missed a couple of turns and of course that helped. I had moved most of the BL forces down into the Sword Coast so draw him away from the Crown Islands. At last, I sensed I might have my six regions, but the DE knocked me out of control of Nyvaria just in time. But I was already fighting to recapture my holdings there and I flipped it back on the same turn the RD also flipped back Nyvaria giving me 7 regions total (1, 2, 5, 6, 7, 11 & 13).
As I said, the game was a lot of fun, particularly playing against Brek with the AT/DE team. He was smart enough to use the water to his advantage. I did find the DE hidden capital on the last turn and took it, though I didn't catch much of anybody. I also had almost no artifacts - I simply never had the time to go collecting them as my groups were in conflict almost constantly. I certainly had some luck - the RA/GN missing a couple of turns made things a lot easier - but I guess it's all part of it. Good game all. I don't think I'd play double dragons again anytime soon, but I'd recommend it for somebody else who wanted to have a fun game with lots of battles!
Good Game, I was the Tyrant Illusionist knocked out fairly early, I learn how bad that magic spells can melt the Tyrants face. I also had a lesson on paying attention to the order the commands are done --- accidentally cast bounty on the dragon early on :/.

I do think that this is my favorite game format, I like having the ability of tow kingdoms to work off one another.

Good game for the time I lasted Smile.
This game was so much fun. I was the SA/AN and I got schooled early on by Drogo. First turn I sent a division into The Untamed Lands in hopes of recruiting some war machines but landed on an Amazon village. Not being able to resist I did take the village but the 1st Amazon intercepted me and before I knew it he was all up in my face in Mythgar. I did have a group that went artifact hunting and it actually kept me in the game. I was able to get three very critical artifacts. The staff of disdain, the red bats, and the plow of the prophets.

I created a division of SA and just flew from village to village and then town to town at first. Just trying to keep the Amazons from getting a firm grip on Mythgar and the untamed lands. I used the time to start to build up my hidden capital with the AN until it could start to produce enough food and gold to support both my teams. I used my AN divisions to take villages in Myvaria and to gain control of Pelinor and I just continued to denigrate the Am/SO in all of the regions of Mythgar, Pelinor, untamed Lands, and Nyvaria.

When I seen that the RD had moved into Myvaria I gained a little breathing space because the AM/So was busy with him so I just kept going with my annoying little misquote trick with the SA and Resource and Em building with the AN.

Without the Bats artifact I would have been out early on. Also if the AM had ever found my AN capital I would have also been toast. Drogo gave me a schooling and I learned a ton about surviving when your backs up against the wall.

I wanted to go after the RD towns once he had Mythgar but my tactics wouldn’t work against a flying foe. I was just happy to make it to the end.

Congrats to DuPont aka Double D for a great victory.
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