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Ring of Power
So what is the deal on Ring of Power? As I recall, it used to raise the highest level wizard in the group by 2 levels. Now, my power 6 is listed as a 7+, and I only see the power 7 spells. What does 7+ mean?
It's always been +1 power level as long as I've  played.
Same for me. Ring of Spells or Ring of Power each add one level to the highest caster in your group (and yes, they do stack if you have both).
The 7+ means that wizard is currently level 7 due to a magical enhancement. If the ring goes away, he goes back to his natural level of 6.
The Ring of Power was only ever able to raise you one level. In one sense, it's not much better than the Ring of Spells, which does the same thing, but it does include some extra goodies.

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