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New, or Improved?
Sometimes we have to choose. 

Alamaze certainly has a reputation and its my favorite digital offspring.

But I also want to do a new game that I think would have the same clientele and Alamaze roots but be a new experience in that everything would be new, beyond a new map and new kingdoms.

I have been working on a more character-centric game.  A "Build Your Own", creating your initial position with choices and development periods, and likely beginning as a character or House, rather than a kingdom.  Attracting and retaining characters to add to your abilities, but each which might be swayed away for better opportunity.

Lots of bidding and negotiating and adventuring and more intrigue.  So, smaller battles and more influence.  I know, that's more sideshow than Alamaze.  But I think I could attract Alamaze players.

Otherwise, I do have the original Maelstrom design and a prioritzed list of 25 changes in summary, like "Change PC improvements" is one of 25 categories, like new spells and spell revisions and changes to traits and companions, etc.

Mike is, well, Mike.  He is genius when he wants.  And he is mysterious in his wants.  And Mike works cheap (relative to his talent), so, he gets a signifcant say. 

Anyway, I would guess we will do a more complete Maelstrom maybe late Summer, and then I think I will push for again, retaining the concepts and ground breaking of Alamaze but in a more intimate, tighter fold of character driven adventure, still in a multi-player as in 10-25 player format.  Jus' spitballin'.  For a couple years.
I’d give a character-based game a shot. I think the learning curve would be the challenge since it would be all new to everyone. And it would give you a chance to finally make good on making Dusitopia a “thing”. Of course, a new Maelstrom map would create that same opportunity.
I echo Painted thoughts
(06-26-2019, 01:00 AM)Brekk Wrote: I echo Painted thoughts

I am open to trying more of a character based game. I do want to add that in my NEWBIE opinion, one of the best things that came out of Maelstrom, was the ability to do Kingdom Customization. We all know some basic aspects of each kingdom, but the fact that you can use Customization to change how your kingdom starts, Troop wise, or agents, or wizards, hampers our ability to plan for an exact set up in our opponents. I would love to see Alamaze continue to grow and don't want the focus taken off of it, but another venue to attract people to the platform isn't a bad idea.
Ashgar the Bloodthirsty. 

My blood, your blood, what difference does it make!  

Time will tell.................
I'm interested in doing something new and also welcome some fixes for Maelstrom and a few more improvements.

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