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Need help
my wife went on life support yesterday.   I need someone to take over my games.  I can’t do them right now.  They may unplug her a little later today.

Thank you   Rick please suspend my account for a bit
I am sorry to hear that. My prayers are with you and your family.

I am in a few games with you, if you have turns in games other then 5267,5275,5280,5295 or 5,296 I can take over those.
So sorry Paul. I can't imagine... Take care of the family.
5267 5280 5295 X2 confederation All are very playable. And thank you for the prayers. They say she is brain dead but I can’t take her off the machines. 25yrs and my best friend. Please contact Rick to move the games.
I am in those games so can't help.

Stay strong
I wont attack the city im at in the silent game I am moving

I am so sorry to hear. Prayers to you and yours. I can't imagine what your feeling right now. Nothing but love and support.


If I can help in any way let me know.
Ashgar the Bloodthirsty. 

My blood, your blood, what difference does it make!  

Time will tell.................
PT, you have my support and prayers. If I can help in any way, it's done. It's something I cant  imagine having to go through.  

Stay strong, Strongwill
So sorry, Strongwill.  Nothing can match that.  Paul, you see the community behind you and our thoughts with you.

I am off early tomorrow for a week in North Carolina.  If I can move a few positions around tonight I will.  Folks looking to standby, send availability and specifics to support asap.
Thanks to Stongwill for his strength.  And secondarily, letting the community know and we share in this.

The standby positions have been assigned.

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