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5295 First Confederations Restored
I had to restore some database tables manually since a complete restore from backup would have rolled back the other games as well to the same date.

Game 5295 First Confederations Turn 7 has been restored. I believe this was the last turn that was run and it should be ok. Let me know if there are any problems and I may have to roll it back another turn or two.

To access your turn 7 kingdom files, click on the Kingdom Reports link (bottom right corner of the order entry home page).
Mine seems to look ok when I compare the kingdom files that were mailed vs what are online.

Thank you for everything!!

I am guessing that any new duels are still on hold for now.
I’m good also. Thanks UM
Thanks, UM!
Thanks very much, UM. You're a champ.
Thank you much appreciated!

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