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Game 5249 10 player Steel
Victory By Usurper Is The Ancient Ones Kingdom!
                           Game End Status Points

        Place Kingdom    Player                Results-25  Grand Total

          1     AN     Draugr                    39,151      58,206
          2     AT     DuPont                    20,623      32,315
          3     DU     Acererak                  18,300      28,150
          4     AM     Strongwill                15,930      27,511
          5     CI     Wookie Panz               15,263      24,739
          6     LI     Airetar                   13,090      22,509
          7     DA     Canticar                   8,700      16,517

Congrats Draugr  and to those who finished
I decided I would try and play Ry Vor’s favorite region of Zamora. It did seem to me to be a perfect fit for the AT. My goal was to sit in the corner as long as I could building up and see if people would leave me alone. Not very long, it turned out - on Turn 2, the DA (who was up in the Sword Coast) slept my count and delayed me taking the city of Python Cove by a turn. I decided to let it go; I was moving into his town in the region and intended to take it. I even let it go when, after I took the town, he then kidnapped and kill the baron who took it. I just didn’t want to get into an early war. I made a good effort to build up the pop centers so I’d have a strong economic base when I did move and managed to keep things quiet. I was thinking I might go after the TY and was doing some early scouting of the region when I noticed that the AN moved two people into the minor city. Well, the AN already had three regions and I saw this as an attempt to end the game early, which I certainly didn’t want. So I slept both his people stuck knives in both of them. I’m fairly sure that saved the game from ending because the AN tried to declare that next turn. I was hoping this would bring some major heat down on the AN keep him busy, but other than the RD, it really didn’t seem to.

Meanwhile, I’d have enough of the DA and moved against him. My fight with him lasted the rest of the game and I was just about to take his capital on the last turn, having gained the region and all the other pop centers in it. I did see the AN going for the win again, but I was in no position to stop him as I didn’t border him and I hoped (in vain, it turned out) that some of the other kingdoms around him would move, but it just didn’t seem to happen. Great job to the AN on the win - especially given how close he came to winning on turn 13 - that would have been quite a feat! I enjoyed the battles with the DA and he cost me most of my agent corps. And I can honestly say that Zamora is well worth choosing, especially for the AT, who the region seems to be tailor-made for. I came in 2nd, so there’s no reason it should be so low on the draft order.
Good Write up DuPont

I played the Amazons. By turn 4 me and the BL were engaged in a prolonged battle for Krynn and Zanthia. I finally eliminated him on turn 23, so cuddos to him for lasting that long. Truly he was the aggressor into my region, but only a few turns before I was going towards him. I like the devout and hidden capital for the AM, BL never found me. I did find it hard to intercept his groups when they would move all the way from the shores on Krynn to opposite border of Zanthia. Good tactic to keep me chasing my tail.

I too saw the AN trying to win, on this last turn I had moved an army group into Triumvia but to late. DuPont I had slid most of my army’s and pols to your two borders. I went in to get the BL capital, and the next turn the DA had a division and you had a army group in my controlled area. I was pretty sure you had just pursued a fleeing opponent but I didn’t want to take any chances. When the RD and LI failed to stop the AN, I was two to three turns out of position to stop it. The prolonged fight with the BL hampered me. 4th place with only 2 regular castles bonus and 2 artifacts gained and no ESO influence wasn’t raised because of recruiting troops. Expensive .

Congrats to all, special attaboy to the top three podium placers. Fun game.
Lizard King

I found the Lizards to be enjoyable and capable of lots of different strategies.

We began in The Crown Islands in this game with no kingdom starting in Triumvia or Pellenor.  I wanted to be bold and go for a chunk of Triumvia early, and as it happened my sea town capital was exactly 7 areas from the major city of Imril.  So I scooted a brigade down there ASAP and explored more in Western Triumiva than in the home region.

I saw early the Red Dragon was also taking pieces of Truiumvia and I was content to split the region as long as I had Imril.  This seemed to be working and I was keeping an eye on the Amazon's (in Krynn) sea power in the Sea of the Forgotten as the only likely invader and he was busy with other matters having controlled Krynn and Zanthia much of the game.

I was startled to see the Ancient Ones had made a victory check on turn 13 and so had to refocus.  The Red Dragon had been in Darkover and was faster to the punch in confronting the Ancient Ones, who had Nyvaria, Stormgate (early), and Pellinor.  Stormgate had a legendary castle, and much of Pellinor was sea towns with greater castles.  All I felt like I could do was take enough of Pellinor to avoid the Ancient One gaining control and in the end it was the only uncontrolled region.  I felt bad in that trying to reach so far from The Crown Islands I had to take a few Red Dragon PC's along the way, and apparantly the Black Dragon had been beaten up badly as I staged at an undeveloped town that was his capital and unluckily for him captured his king.

The Ancient One apparently went hard at the Red Dragon which along with my scooping up a few of his villages almost by accident forced him out which kind of took away the main resistance to the AN victory.

I was happy with my Lizardmen position which ended with 8 wizards including a P7, max fleets in Forgotten and Tempest, and almost 300k gold.  Nice combination of Devout and good magic.  The Crown Islands were never threatened but in looking back I think from there either Darkover or Krynn would have to be attacked to enable a victory.
Good write up..

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