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Masters at the Maelstrom
Sorry folks. Good Friday is a big family holiday in The Bahamas and I've just gotten back from the beach with DuPont V. I'm going to take the RD. (Changed my mind and took the TY instead).
What's ty? Trying to log my first game.
(Yesterday, 06:00 PM)Valuthor Wrote: What's ty?  Trying to log my first game.

That would be the Tyrant kingdom
A reminder to all players:  always SAVE your orders (not just verify, but verify often).  And when you are done entering orders and have SAVED, go to the READY screen and click Ready.  Even after clicking Ready, you can make changes up until the turn runs.  But please don't leave everyone hanging that are looking forward to their results by not clicking READY.

Good hunting!  The campaign has begun.
Good hunting to all. Fun Fun Fun.
Ashgar the Eager. 

Eager to Rise to Ultimate Victory, or to smolder in the Embers of Defeat!  

Time will tell.................
when does the thread for the active game get started?
I find an arrow through the heart is the best way to deal with most wizards.
(4 hours ago)Strylian Wrote: when does the thread for the active game get started?

That for forum or fully diplomacy games.  This is a silent game so no active game section for it.   When the game ends players can tell there story in the Valhalla thread

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