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Enter the Maelstrom
Enter the Maelstrom

Things on the new continent are rolling along nicely.  The 4th Cycle of Alamaze, Maelstrom, is buzzing along with most games processing before deadlines, so players are staying focused on their game with turns running less than 72 hours often.

Find out how not just the new continent, not just the kingdom rebalancing, nor the increased access to magic for the less magical kingdoms and higher specialization in mage kingdoms, but also the amazing breakthrough of any kingdom in any of 12 regions is revolutionizing what it is to play the longest running episodic strategy game here in its newest and best form.  I mean, sign up already!

We draft both kingdoms and regions.  Post your persona's entrance into the campaign here and specifying your draft position, from 1 to 12, with 12 also selecting 13 (to thereby have both kingdom and region in either order), and 1 also picks last at 24.  So far, no argument has been made for best or worst region or kingdom.  (Pats self on back.)

The Lizardmen were the first kingdom off the board in one game, there is a buzz about the Ancient Ones here in Maelstrom, drafting in position 11 has been looking as good as any other spot.  All you have to do is post here and get back into the best strategy adventure game anywhere. 

Returning players are invited to establish a new persona if they like to unshackle from old rivalries and reputations, but you need a separate email account from an existing persona.

Returning players have no setup charge for your first game back (normally $9.95), and you will be invoiced at Scout level subscription (now $9.95 monthly - formerly $19.95) when the game begins. 

Alright, 'nuf said.  Sign up!
I'll go with draft pick #4.

Morgan Kane
I am going to take #5.
If the Hoff is back give me #9
I'll take #8
-This Khal Drogo, it's said he has a hundred thousand men in his horde
I will take spot #10
I will take draft 2.
2 Rellgar
4 Morgan Kane
5 DuPont
7 Canticar
8 Drogo
9 Dragur
10 VballMichael

Halfway there already!
Some said a curl of a smile spread for a moment across his scarred face, but then it was back to the stern, vigilant watch on the horizon.  "Our work here is just half done.  Soon orcs will descend  from Zanthia.  Trolls will come from the Untamed Lands.  Atlantians will mock landlubbers as they steal Stormgate and rule The Waves and The Tempest."

Adding the Maelstrom map once again. Recommend zoom at 30%.

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Canticar will take pick 7

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