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Support email
Rick or UM:

Please check the Support email. Have an issue with a game and would love to have support before next turn runs.

Vball Michael
(03-29-2019, 08:56 PM)VballMichael Wrote: Rick or UM:

Please check the Support email. Have an issue with a game and would love to have support before next turn runs.

Vball Michael

Without looking into the situation in greater detail, please keep in mind that control of a region may fluctuate throughout a turn.

Checks for regional control are made after military orders (100 series), emissary orders (300 series), and at the end of a turn. Don't go by the 1st Cycle chart that regional control only happens at the end of the turn. The game has changed a great deal since then and the additional checks for regional control are necessary to handle the new loyal-tight control rules of the game.

Without the additional checks for regional control within a turn, a kingdom starting the turn with tight control of a region would last until the end of the turn which isn't fair or very accurate in handling the orders/spells by other players. The additional checks for control is more reflective of game events which could get rather complicated if multiple players were acting in a given region (particularly a smaller sized region). So keep that in mind.

Regional control may change multiple times from groups conquering pc's, emissary actions, recruiting from pc's (lowers census), and certain wizard spells (may raise census). Denigration attempts are accurate at the time of their execution since the ratio of regional ownership reflects the chances of success.

Also don't assume that your regional reaction will remain the same if another declared you an ally/enemy which raises/lowers your regional reactions. That may affect your emissary actions if an enemy used multiple groups to take over pc's and your kingdom no longer has the regional reaction at the start of a turn (due to being an ally/enemy of the previous controlling owner). That also affects status quo/stir unrest attempts since their value is divided by your regional reaction at the time.

So consider that the game is a bit more complex now than back in 1st Cycle days and a lot may be going on earlier in the turn than you may expect. Especially if any invisible groups are invading your territory which may end up screwing up some of your orders later in the turn.
FYI, there was an issue with game 5242 in Pellinor that switched regional control after military and emissary actions in the turn. I'll have to manually correct the two kingdoms involved (regarding their influence and regional reactions) after I fix the code today.
Here's what game 5242 top section will look like after the fix though the end of turn regional control message is the same as before...

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Nice addition
Thanks for the speedy resolution.

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