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What would be the interest in a different take on running a stable of gladiators, sort of Spartacus/Gladiator like?

So scouting and recruiting (buying), having a ludus with trainers, doctors, betting, challenges and tournaments, training, skills, wounds and recovery, maybe some espionage?  Gladiators have charisma, reputation that matters most for prize money and prestige.

Not the styles of RSI's games (lunger, striker, etc.).
I like movies about gladiators.
So more like your in charge of a gladiator pit and need to get the biggest crowds.

They had Games where you make a gladiator but I do not think I have seen controlling the managememt side before
There was a PBM game 20+ years ago called Blood Pit. It was a gladiator arena similar to what you asked. I played it for a short time.
I could envision starting with low level weapons against easy opponents or beast and training for more advanced weapons and armor and working your way up the ladder.  It could be fun.
Not sure it’s something I’d really be attracted to trying.
It does seem to be a better app idea

What would the Benefit be for only say 10-12 players playing at a time

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