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Daily Primeval on Resurgent
Double, double toil and trouble;
Fire burn and cauldron bubble.
Cool it with a baboon's blood,
Then the charm is firm and good.

In a land not so far away, called The Choosing, there had been a Resurgence.

Return to that land, in a Battle of Five Armies, called Primeval.

No deals to get two regions each, no restrictions on kingdoms.  Claim you kingdom, and you can change your selection anytime before the fifth position is claimed. 

This is 24 hour Primeval, with the additional intent their may be a couple turns on weekend days.  Silent.  For the cultivated Alamaze aficionado.

Make your opening bid here, and remember, you can change as you like based on the other kingdoms selected, as long as the kingdom is then available.

All in is (wait....what?) $14,95, no slot.

This is The Choosing Rules and the Resurgent map.  Is it too early to call it nostalgia?  

Get Some!
IL for me.
I was going to take this down, but maybe with the new players and those nostalgic for 3rd Cycle The Choosing, who want a quick Primeval game for just the $14.95 and no slot, we'll leave it open for a couple days and see if there are the five takers.
SO if the game actually happens.
If you do a 48 hour one in the future I could commit to that, 24 is just to short, some days I would miss.
I'm going to close this thread.

Too soon for nostalgia.

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