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2018 steel championship winner
Congratulations Draugr!

Victory By Rex Is The Necromancer Kingdom!
                           Game End Status Points

     Place Kingdom    Player              Results-30  Grand Total

    1     NE   Draugr                 18,755      23,930
    2   IL     Rellgar                 14,985      21,303
    3   GN     Wookie Panz               10,940      17,190
    4     DE     Acererak                   9,175      14,315
    5     DA     Canticar                   5,800      11,470
    6     BL  The Gray Mouser            6,460      10,450
    7     SO  Holding For Player         4,800       8,799
    8     NO     Son of Conan               2,000       6,132
Nice congrats
Congrats! ANyone have a recap?
Looking at my surroundings I could see three wizard Druid, warlock and sorcerer. With black dragon and demon prince also in striking range. Black dragon effectivelydeclared he was staying home from the get go. So I figured no need to poke that nest. SO and DU were being played by two previous winners of the championship matches. The real wild card would be where did the Underworld end up.

The first few turns it became clear the UN started in torvale with the SO. Both very skilled players I knew which ever came out on top of the fight will be seriously behind in development. The UN/SO war would last most the first half until the SO finally knocked the UN out. It is not like DuPont was going to leave a champ game any other way but by force. The RD seemed to be gone before anything got started.

Up in the north nothing was really happening for the first 18 or so turns. Someone used agents to scout me so I was alerted and denigrated both DU and WA. They returned the favor. I was in a stuck. Even though I knew the WA hidden capital location, I could not invade because I knew from past games as soon as I attacked outside my region Tark’s Druids would invade me. So I sat and built up undead. Then first blood was taken. Tarks druids took my village in Okandale. We both had a town and village in each other regions. I responded by taking the town and village of his in my region and moved anninvisible group to nuke another village that boardered my sea in R1. Because he cast cold darkness he was able to see it was me so no doubt that I attacked his village in his region. I knew we were at war. But did not know his capital location. I looked and found the open spot I was missing. My agent died scouting for the capital. So I knew he knew I had found it. I figured since the DU cannot recruit undead I likely had the bigger army. I sent every thing I had at him. 9 wizards in three group a 30+ brigade group and two groups of 5 wights (100% magic resist). He had his forces there but both troops and wizards were no match. His wizards we under powered next to mine I was surprised. I did not eliminate any groups but I did severely cripple his troops. He had ported a combined divisions worth of troops to my capital, while I stayed and denigrated/enamored the region. I would then start to take control knowing there was little he could do to stop it. No attack occurred at my 39k defend capital town. I mopped up R1 and the DU started doing some gorilla warfar in my home region taking a town or village a turn. I would move in behind with an Emmy to take it back.
The DU had just got to having three small groups in my home region when the WA sent in some emmies. I ported my military to the WA capital and found a 22brigadd group there with 2 low level wizards and 8 or so artifacts. The WA political invasion stuttered as I had barons at most all my PCs. I captured a few princes. He netted a village and making a town neutral on the first round. Tark also dropped at this point but the DU were not viable at this point anyway. I would kill two of the 3 WA leaders and both wizard plus all his troops but did not destroy the group due to his one remaining leader and the shield of hector. I only issued a siege and waited. The WA brought two more group to the melee. By luck I would have another shot at the artifacts as his 2 brigades of reinforcements showed up in that group. I killed the leader and destroyed the other group. He lost I believe 7 wizards over two turns and all his troops since his last patrol was currently on my capital. He stopped issuing orders and would let the position drop itself.
For the final push as I cleaned up in R3 with my military I moved my emmies in range of R4. I did not want to attack DE or BL as they had been building up all game. So the SO was best remaining neighbor.
The same turn I took R3 I launched on R4. I guess SO saw nothing he could do to stop the attack and bowed out. I had all PCs cover except to hidden ones I did not know where they were and 1 village. Oh and I messed up a port to the city instead going to CQ. Anyway I declared REX the next turn.

Pretty straight forward path for me. Aided by those that I had beaten dropping and not becoming much of a nuisance.
Congratulations to Draugr for the win and Rellgar for second place and thanks to everyone who played.
I’ll do a recap of my position and a little of what I saw of the rest of the game, which was no communication.  I was up against the outstanding Vball playing SO for much of the game and it was my biggest challenge in Alamaze so far.  We both used every single aspect of the game in our duel.
Game 5210 was my first championship game.  I went into this feeling like a very small fish in the pool of sharks.  I had GN and figured I would try to lay low and build the position.  Trouble would likely find me soon enough.    By turn 4 all areas except Talking Mountains and Torvale were controlled.  Hostilities had begun with SO declaring UN enemy and DA doing the same with RD.
Turn 6 saw Talking Mts. still uncontrolled so it was looking like RD may have been fighting there as well as against DA.  SO had gotten control of Torvale.  My GN position had a slight lead in status points.  I continued to build the position, moving the capital to a sea town and building solid fleets to protect it as SO, UN, and DU all shared the same sea and were all veteran players.
Turn 10 saw Torvale go uncontrolled again as SO and UN continued to battle.  Turn 11 RD dropped, turn 12 status still had my GN in the lead with DA and DU not far behind.  BL, in Amberland, declared DU enemy, and SO was in control of Torvale again, taking my GN town in the process.  I had just found his hidden water capital, in case things went downhill.

Turns 13 and 14 were quiet in the south but turn 15 IL and NO declare each other enemies and control of Arcania goes to NO, who also takes my village there.  My recons find the UN hidden water capital and SO has a brigade on it.  I’m thinking NO now has 2 regions and deserves a bit of payback for taking my village. So move to attack the Sands.

Action was picking up with turn 16 seeing DE declare WA enemy, likewise DU/NE, and DE/DA.  IL regained control of region 8.  Turn 17 NE declares DU enemy.  Turn 18 it’s WA/NE, WA/DE, and DA/DE.  Those northern  guys are busy!   Status points see GN still leading with DA and IL not far behind.  I flooded the Sands with pols and my groups are on the move.

Turn 19 sees GN taking several pc’s in the Sands but in many IL is there first and doing well.  My biggest group is on the NO capital but so are 2 small NO groups with 5 wizards, and two IL groups, one an army group and he has 6 more wizards.  My group is by far the strongest but I don’t want to fight all these and SO is likely looking for a new target as UN has dropped.  I attack the NO groups, defend against IL, and leave the capital for IL to take as he earned it.  Both NO groups were destroyed but the wizards seem to have ported out.  Some nice artifacts were recovered, the Crystal of seeing , the ring of protection and the Staff of Disdain would come in handy. 
 Turn 20 my groups are back in region 7 and checking reactions sees SO has gone to tolerant against me – trouble for sure and only a patrol can reinforce my water capital as I cannot port the other groups there and they are too far or big to move by sea.
Turn 21 sees SO at my capital with a 7 brigade group and a patrol, 5 wizards total against my patrol.
Turn 22 NE gets region 1, GN and SO declare enemies against each other and the defense of my capital against SO begins.  He destroys 11K in defenses with magic and kills my p4 but that nice fleet of mine takes out 5 of his ships verses 3 of mine and I rebuild defenses.  He takes out a high level agent and captures the staff.  The capital held.  Turn 23 has another sea battle, 7 SO ships against 9 of mine, he loses 5, I lose 2.  He throws 3 agent missions against my well defended capital and all fail, costing him an agent.  NO shows up in region 7 with an army.  I should have taken his capital when I had the chance!  I have responded to Vball’s SO with some offense of my own and have an invisible patrol at his capital and my army group at Meridan.  When you are against the wall – attack!  Turn 24 things are hot!  NO army takes my village but I intercept him with a group.  I reinforce my capital with an army but as the ships are transporting SO gets off an attack against my capital. One ward stops a meteor but another gets by, 4k damage.  Then he attacks but we hold again doing 68% damage to his group.  I throw a meteor against his capital doing 10k damage and attack Meridan, getting past one dome only to find another.  Dam those wizards.   Agents of both sides are doing missions like crazy.  So steals  the staff.
Turn 25 I plunder town in Torvale and move back to the city.  Attempt another meteor against SO capital but it is warded.  No army battles GN army of same size but NO quality leaders and wizards prevail, GN loses 30% to NO 4%.  SO try’s to usurp GN towns but loses 3 princes as GN pols were doing status quo and saw him coming.  Turn 26 DU drops, NE has 2 regions.  No takes another village from me as does an SO group and I retake one from NO.  SO try’s to sea transport a group with his rebuild fleet and his 8 ships fight my 10, costing him 5 and a brigade as I lose 2 ships.  He gets 2 brigades into Meridon where my Army group is and NO intercepts the GN army he defeated last turn but it’s twice as big. I capture another SO Prince and siege his capital.  Turn 27 SO capital falls with 10 pols and agents in it, some from UN.  Another SO Prince is captured.  IL takes a GN village in the Meade that had belonged to NO.
Turn 28 WA drops and regions 3 and 9 are uncontrolled.  NO army in region 7 is finally eliminated but he still has several pc in the sands so I go after them.  He has cost so many orders he needs to go.  SO is under control but my reaction is trashed in region 4 and he still has the staff of distain and all of his wizards to dome .  
Turn 29 NE takes region 3 and has 1, 2, 3.  I’m on the NO capital again and take it on the final turn as NE backdoors SO and takes the region. 
Very tough players to beat in NO, son of Conan, and SO, Vball Mike
Nice write ups. I played the RD, and it may have been the worst randomized set up I ever had. My starting pops where in the north of R3 and mid of R7 an R8, tried to meet my units in the middle area, which put me behind like 2 turns, went in to R9 DA country and suffered some set backs. Never could get a foothold. Good game to those who survived to the end.
(03-08-2019, 04:33 PM)PTRILEY Wrote: Nice write ups. I played the RD, and it may have been the worst randomized set up I ever had. My starting pops where in the north of R3 and mid of R7 an R8, tried to meet my units in the middle area, which put me behind like 2 turns, went in to R9 DA country and suffered some set backs. Never could get a foothold. Good game to those who survived to the end.

Last year's game I played the RD. Basically, it was just me and the IL in a death battle for most of the game. Sure, I won early but then he had his hidden capital and built up wizartds that just decimated me with regional effect spells while my damn wizards failed training 5 times. RD is a really tough position to play in the Championship. No doubt about it.
Did the Top 3 get any prize for this championship game?
Draugr, Champion of Alamaze

Awarded 3 free All-In games

Rellgar, Prince of Alamaze

Awarded 2 free All-In Games

Wookie, Duke of Alamaze

Awarded 1 free All-In Game

Congratulations!  All hail!  Hoorah, Hoorah, Hoorah!
Thanks Ry Vor.  This game sure was fun.

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