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5200 ends on T40
Finally, Game 5200 ends. I really thought the LI was going to pull off a Rex with his victory claims on T38, T39 and T40. Long game of attrition. Only 3 players left at the end.
I basically took 2 regions and then just sat back and relaxed. Suddenly, on turn 38 or so both the LI and the UN had 3 regions so I had to stop them (and they stopped each other).
I had the points locked down, so I was content to just wait it out. I had 40 prisoners and 26 artifacts at the end.

Anyway, long and fun game. Congratulations to all who finished. Guessing this is one of the last of the pre-Maelstrom games.

Victory By Lion's Share Is The Druid Kingdom!
                           Game End Status Points

        Place Kingdom    Player                Results-40  Grand Total

          1     DU     Vball Michael             19,860      33,483
          2     LI     DuPont                    15,130      24,518
          3     UN     Son of Conan              11,660      21,049
Congrats to all three finishers Looks like it was a good game.
Yeah, I would have had it but for a mistake when I intended to enamor the Talking Mountains and accidentally enamored the Northern Mists instead. That left my attempt with a duke to get the neutral city just on the margins and the dice rolled against me. Good game all!

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