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5246 Malestrom forum only diplomacy
(04-23-2019, 12:19 PM)DuPont Wrote: BL-CI: Fair enough. I can't destroy you with your capital in the water and thus I'd be tied down until the end of the game. I'll agree if you also throw in my Baron for 1 gold this turn. Given our locations, I would like a NAP unless one of us changes our minds and gives the other three turns to prepare. I'll take the villages of Port Regal, Neptune and Frothy Mouth as my spoils of war. Also, if you happen to capture my guy in Dead Man's Path this turn, I would want him returned the following turn with the same terms of 1 gold.

Yes 3 turn Naps, renewed or broken every 3 turns. That fine for your emmies. Can I have my Duke back for 1 gold after yours are returned? Keep my others as a prize.

We shall keep watch over the silent period. For now we will leave this combat as a test of Lizard vs Tyrant. Should others engage, as we expect, we shall be prepared to repel them.

All those NAPs require their signatories to look elsewhere.
BL-CI: All good except I don't seem to have any of your people. I'll have to check back over my past turns, but if I ever did have them, I must have killed them at some point when your big group was stomping around and I feared for my capital.
CI to BL, very well, me thinks they where kidnapped by Pirates.
Congrats Draugr!

I am amazed that you pretty much won unopposed. As we were allied there was nothing to do but watch
you scoop up the last 2 regions. I just spent the last 2 turns building Status Point items Smile
Ya, was moving on Pellinor next turn but too late.

Yeah. I was watching things and it looked like the BL and CI had to unwind their battle. Same with PI and RD. I was a bit surprised the NO and SO didn’t engage.

I think the PI would have been dangerous if given a few more turns. Pretty impressive Agents I saw at least 1 Agent 17.

I just built up a crazy political force, a bunch of wizards, and a decent main military group but never had a chance to use them.
I'll post the final status points.  Congratulations to the top guns.  I waited too long to make a move but the build up was fun.  It sure is handy to have the bounty spell in Maelsrtom.

             Victory By Rex Is The Lizard Men Kingdom!
                           Game End Status Points

        Place Kingdom    Player                Results-24  Grand Total

          1     LI     Draugr                    27,677      35,053
          2     SO     The Wise One              24,910      32,158
          3     PI     Acererak                  19,193      26,372
          4     TY     Rytek                     13,325      22,814
          5     AN     Calidor                   15,290      20,096
          6     NO     Wookie Panz               14,660      19,558
          7     BL     DuPont                    13,730      19,554
          8     RD     Eregnon the Black         10,300      17,125
          9     CI     Rellgar                    7,238      12,318
I'll copy my last post with the points to the Valhalla thread.

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