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Editor Comments on 1st Maelstrom Game
Peaking in on the Premier Maelstrom Contest

This is a silent game, so no communication about what's going on in the game that is not universal knowledge.

Here is a bit about the 1st Maelstrom Game, Premier, which is, again, silent.  See the zoomable starting map, attached.

                         Rulers in this Campaign:
        Abbr    Region                      Kingdom                                   Ruled By

         AM    Zanthia(6)              The Realm of the Amazon Matriarchy             Draugr
         AN    The Untamed Lands(12)   The Secret Servants of the Ancient Ones        Strongwill
         AT    Nyvaria(7)              The Legendary Civilization of the Atlantians   Vball Michael
         CI    Mythgar(11)             The Cimmerian Nation from the North            Hector
         DE    Triumvia(5)             The Seven Hells of the Demon Princes           Son of Conan
         DU    Darkover(2)             The Domain of the Great Druid                  Dominion
         EL    Pellinor(9)             The Evergreen Dominion of the High Elves       Rellgar
         IL    The Diamond Coast(3)    The Sphere of the Illusionist                  Drogo
         NE    Zamora(10)              The Shadow Lands of the Necromancer            The Wise One
         PI    The Crown Islands(1)    The Pirates of Avalon and Beyond               DuPont
         RA    Krynn(4)                The Iron Province of the Rangers               Airetar
         RD    The Sword Coast(8)      The Reign of Terror of the Red Dragons         Canticar

Turn 2 Results:  No Regions controlled.  The Necromancer got the 2nd High Council seat for 1 gold.

Turn 3 Results:  The first two regions were controlled, the Amazons gaining Zanthia and the Rangers Krynn.   This was interesting as neither the capital regions which were the first selected in the draft, or the small coastal regions had been controlled, rather two mid-sized regions.  The Atlantians gained the 3rd HC seat for a more traditional 23,500 gold (net 13,500 to the Charismatic ruler), joining the likewise charismatic Pirate and the sinister Necromancer. 

Of the 8 major cities, 5 were controlled by the kingdoms starting in the region, Stormgate and Ramhorn (Darkover) remain Human controlled, and in a brazen move, the Amazons gained control of Imril in Triumvia as well as Zanthia's city of Destiny's End.

Turn 4 Results:  5 more regions became controlled: 3 of the 4 corner regions, the first Capital Region of Nyvaria, and the Savage Region of Mythgar, all by the kingdoms whose capitals began there.  The Illusionist joined the HC.   There were no ownership changes in the major cities.  This turn was late autumn: Winter is Coming.

Turn 5 Results:  The Diamond Coast, The Sword Coast and interestingly, Stormgate (by the High Elves) all became controlled regions.  Three of the four largest regions remain uncontrolled: the Capital Regions of Triumvia and Darkover, and the large Free State of Pellinor.  The city of Ramhorn has thrown off the yoke of Human domination and is now neutral.  The Rangers claimed the last High Council seat.  

From a spectator's point of view, this has been an interesting and entertaining opening.  I'm sure each ruler would like to tell his own tales, but again, this is silent.  The next game about to begin is forum diplomacy every third turn, so we can get first hand perspectives.

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Thanks for the update and especially the map. That's the first decent Maelstrom map I've seen.

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