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New Steel, 12 Players, Every 3 turns Forum Diplomacy?
Really liked this format last time. How does it sound to get another going? Random draft, chivalry. Forum communication only every 3 turns. 3 turn max on NAP- can be renewed via forum but also only allowed to have two NAP in force at a time for each kingdom.
I'd do it.
I like it. trying to decide between this one and the Alliance game.
I’m going to try and help get the Alliance game going as there are some returning folks in there.
Im available to Mentor two others.
Any interest in getting this one going?
I would rather see the alliance game get going.  That has been waiting since 10/24  It needs 3 more players - 2 captains out of the 3
I'm also hoping we fill the Alliance game and Steel is on-deck.  Let's see where we are in a few days if we can.  Limiting the time waiting for games to form is likely the best approach for players. We did have a full game end yesterday so we should see some players ready for the next campaign.
Deleted wrong thread sorry
PT that is great news but please post it on the alliance thread.  This thread started as a sign up for a new steel game.

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