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A Steel World without Red Dragons Diplomacy Game
1. DU Telrandir
2. NE PTRiley
3. WA Wookie Panz
4. SO Draugr
5. BL Greyhawk
6. AT Diamond Cutter
7. HA VBall Michael
9. DA Dominion
10. AN mdrapeau
D1. TY DuPont
D2. UN Rellgar
The Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers of Arcania can be reached at:
The silent, hidden ones can be reached at the halfling village by messenger, or by email at
Good gaming all.
The Tyrants can be found tying one on at
The Darkelves can be found in a substandard Marvel movie Thor: The Dark World or
Please Remember with great evil comes less responsibility!!
The Silent Orators emissary can be reached at

We don’t like to sleep and do not take NAPs; so please do not ask us to take a NAP.

We like gold and are very unlikely to attack those that make us gold. If you know tricks of trading to make more gold we would like to talk to you.
The Wandering Warlocks may be reached at
I can be reached @

The king of the Dead, seeks peace and trade partners in the South. We prefer an alliance, but understand only two are allowed. We suggest that no one come seeking treasures in the Mist. If there is an item needed, an arrangement can and will be made, this is to reduce any perceived act that may appear hostile. We shall show the same consideration. The seas of Terror will be open to trade and we request no patrols..

“zombies are fun”
Ancient Ones can be reached at
We Rule the UnderWorld. We have great influence in the World above. We will be looking for 2 allies. We also look for contracts, trade deals and information. We would like PC's in exchange for these services. We do not wish control of any regions at this time.
Contact us at

Rellgar, Grand Exterminator

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