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Emissary Odds
Are the formulas used for emissary success (incite rebellion and usurp control) the same in 3rd cycle as in 2nd cycle.  Specifically, are the underlying numbers required of king's influence still:

Neutral Population Center

Friendly: City (6.25), Town (2.5), Village (1.25)
Tolerant: City (12.5), Town (5), Village (2.5)
Suspicious: City (18.75), Town (7.5), Village (3.75)
Hostile: City (25), Town (10), Village (5)

   x2 if trying to usurp a controlled location (apply this multiplier first)
   +15% if enemy in control of PC and region
   +15% if enemy has friendly reaction in region
   -15% if enemy has only minor influence in region
   -15% if enemy is hostile in region
   add any status quo influence from other emissaries

   multiple emissary's % power (+/-10% random) by king's influence and if above this number incite/control succeeds
There is a calculator tool that does the math for emmisaries, group parlay, agent actions and unusual sightings. Not sure about the math but that’s what I use.
I do not think the base numbers you gave changed between cycles. There are more things that effect results now though. Traits like order/ruthless/acute. Also emmies can the 315 order seems to have a bigger result on the outcome if you use a larger Emmy to issue 315 and the smaller Emmy to 330 or 320. This also can be seen on the player aid tool.
Thanks for the responses, guys!

Knowing the math is better for me than using the calculator because then I can do it in my head instead of entering the necessary fields in the tool.

I definitely like the addition of #315. IMO, it adds a lot to the game!

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